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Le Sound By AudioGaming has released AudioFire - a fire and heat sound synthesizer.

Based on dynamic modeling technology, AudioFire generates fire and heat sounds with four main components:

  1. FLAME: the visible part of the chemical reaction involved in burning which produces the foundation of fire sounds.
  2. CRACKLE: the transient sounds produced by liquids turning into gazes and exerting pressure towards the outside until it pops out.
  3. EMBERS: a gentle crackling, hovering sound when carbon based materials are consumed by fire and slowly turn into embers.
  4. GAS: gas leaking sound during the burning process.

AudioFire is available for Le Sound Bundle owners without extra charge. Le Sound Bundle subscription is currently 17 euros/month and will increase to 19 euros/month before the end of June. The price for the perpetual license is 329 euros. Both licenses require an iLok.

Le Sound Bundle now includes 7 plugins: AudioWind Pro, AudioRain Pro, AudioMotors Pro, AudioSteps Pro, AudioElec, AudioSpace and AudioFire.

All the plugins are AAX/AU/VST OS X/Windows compatible.



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