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Lese releases Eigen – Room Modelling Space Simulator AU / VST3


Lese has announced the release of Eigen, a room-modelling reverb plugin with impulse response export and analysis.

Here's what they say:

Conjure a cuboid room of any dimensions using the length, width or height sliders, and position the source and listener anywhere to hear the reverb of your virtual space.

Select the material construction for each wall, customize early reflections and analyze the effects of your virtual architecture on room modes and the generated impulse response.


  • Generate the reverb of a cuboid room with dimensions up to 30 meters.
  • Render impulse responses of your chosen space, and view the IR's waveform and spectrum plot.
  • Choose materials for all six walls (incl. wood, brick, concrete, curtains).
  • Analyze the modes of your space to discover frequency resonances.
  • Work in Mono, Stereo, Binaural and HQ Binaural modes.
  • Set 'Depth' of early reflections to determine number of bounces.
  • Add an accurate time difference to the input sound using 'Propagate'.
  • Convolution preview and normalization options.
  • VST3 and Audio Units plugin for Mac and PC.

Eigen is available now in VST3 and AU formats from lese.io. An introductory sale price of $40 is in effect until 13th February, 2023, after which the plugin will return to its regular price of $65. You can buy it or try the free demo on the Lese website.




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