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Lurker Beats releases Contrast Distortion and Contrast Distortion Mini

Lurker Beats

Lurker Beats has released Contrast Distortion, and its companion, Contrast Distortion Mini.

This streamlined effect plugin is designed to allow the user to monitor the distortion levels within the signal chain and give access to a variety of filters and frequency settings. This plugin can create loud, crispy distortion effects, as well as smooth, filtered overdrives.

Contrast Distortion Mega features:

  • Distortion with "Contrast" control.
  • In/Out volume.
  • Several filter options.
  • X/Y EQ control.
  • Post-distortion and Output peak meters.

Contrast Distortion Mini features:

  • Distortion with "Contrast" control.
  • In/Out volume.
  • 4-pole Low Pass Filter.

Price: Free.

Download Here, Here, and on KVR.



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