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Madrona Labs has released Aaltoverb, a reverberator designed with a focus on live performance and smooth tweakability. Any of its controls, including the reverb size, can be adjusted without making clicks. This feature particularly shines in a live performance setup. Instead of offering different reverb algorithms in a menu, Aaltoverb's size dial is intended to allow a user to smoothly tune between different kinds of spaces—from giant rooms, to small natural chambers, to tiny artificial resonators.

Aaltoverb's tone dial is another performance feature that is designed to hide complexity behind a simple interface. Acting more like a high fidelity version of the isolator on a DJ mixer than a typical EQ, the tone dial enables sweeping through a whole range of tonal curves from muffled to completely flat to sizzling highs.

Aaltoverb is the first product made using a brand new plugin framework from Madrona Labs. All graphics are drawn on the GPU using OpenGL on Windows, and Metal on Mac OS. Recent OS versions are required—please see the product page for complete system requirements.

Price: $35. For more information and sound examples please visit the Aaltoverb product page.



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