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MeldaProduction updates all effects to 8.01 and releases MRotary


MeldaProduction has updated all effect plugins to 8.01, providing several fixes and improvements. Also MRotary, a 6 speaker rotary simulator effect has been released with an introductory price of 29€.

Changes in 8.01:

  • Added tuning to all frequency text input fields.
  • Added a style closely resembling version 7.
  • Added A-H presets to MAnalyzer and MMultiAnalyzer.
  • Added "thick line" switch and a reset button for maximum/infinite analyses to all analyzers.
  • Improved active presets GUI.
  • Fix: Installer occasionally failed to write certain files on some Mac OS X systems.
  • Fix: Double clicking on a slider/button on Mac often opened and immediately closed the text input window.
  • Fix: MAnalyzer & MMultiAnalyzer didn't have the "Set default settings" feature.
  • Fix: MLoudnessAnalyzer didn't store time graph settings.
  • Fix: MUltraMaximizer & MMultiBandLimiter did clip even if the master saturator was disabled and upsampling enabled.
  • Fix: Meters stopped refreshing when displayed in popup window and collapsed the main container.
  • Fix: MSpectralDynamics stopped processing correctly and update analyzer if the RMS length was set to 0ms.
  • Fix: Display help in web browser features started generating complete documentation.
  • Fix: There were problems in some specific older GPUs.
  • Fix: Diff feature wasn't working properly when the plugin had latency.
  • Fix: MDynamics and MMultiBandDynamics didn't convert into the custom processing shape correctly when maximize signal strength to 0dB was used.
  • Fix: Mac OS X is holding fonts files for unknown reasons and the installer was failing there.
  • Fix: Graph controls were using numpad numbers 0-9 for zooming, this has been removed as it collides with Cubase's transport controls.
  • Fix: Style wizard could crash in Logic when clicking outside the wizard while changing style.

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