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Merging Technologies releases Pyramix 7.0 SP3, VCube 3.0 SP3 and Ovation 2.0 SP3

Merging Technologies

Merging Technologies has announced that the official Service Pack 3 versions of Pyramix Virtual Studio 7.0, VCube 3.0 and Ovation 2.0 are now available for download.

Pyramix V7.0 SP3 Release Notes


  • Album Publishing: Robustness.
  • Final Check improvements:
    • Latest recommendation for EBU R128.
    • Improved True Peak filtering.
  • VST plug-ins robustness: Mapping improvement with Third Party VST plug-ins for better stability.
  • Record Dubbing robustness: Improvements for better stability.

Bugs fixed in Pyramix v7.0 SP3 include:

  • Fixed: VST plus-ins mapping issue.
  • Fixed: MassCore peak at play start.
  • Fixed. Project SRC clips vs. Render causes offset.
  • Fixed. First Strip Tools in display might be corrupted on Win7.
  • Fixed. MTUSBSync Biphase 25/25 not always working.
  • Fixed. Cursor disappears if clicking while mouse scrubbing.
  • Fixed. Autoset varispeed sonic quality, since it can cause MassCore overloads (A registry key is available through Support in order to return to the old behavior).
  • Fixed. Automation: Snapshots & Copy can cause wrong interpretations (phase inverted).
  • Fixed. Automation: Auto-Release will not return to position if not points in curve are present past the release position.
  • Fixed. Automation: Tracks not initialized (without automation point) will not follow VCA automation.
  • Fixed. PureNotes : V7 keys not recognized (Contact Merging support for latest Pure Notes installer).
  • Fixed. Play selection (and some special playback including an autostop) produce a timeout when stopping.
  • Fixed. Media Browser playback might crash when quickly listening files located in different folders.
  • Fixed. Audition Pre: Cursor not returning at the same location, drifting short.
  • Fixed. MassCore: RTX process keeps running when Pyramix crashes and can generates noise.
  • Fixed. AAF import: Some files paths are being asked multiple time though Media is present.
  • Fixed. Redithering update in Media Manager SRC dialog.
  • Fixed. Clip Properties "File Creation Date" wrong.
  • Recording issues fixed.
    • Potential crash fixed. In Record when in Dubbing mode.
    • Potential crash fixed. In stop Record dubbing mode.
    • Potential Record issue vs. Media Manager update, conflicting.
  • Automation curves corruption when displaying and using writing VCA slave faders.
  • DiscWrite : CD text info disappear after edit.
  • Fixed. FCM : integrating loudness gate issue.
  • Fixed. VoiCode is not able to find the CRT dll at runtime.
  • Fixed. PCM1630 import not working in Pyramix 7.
  • Fixed. SRC: Audible clicks in SRC Very High Hepta mode.
  • Fixed. SRC: Realtime Playback can randomly hang Pyramix (runtime error).
  • Fixed. PMX does not ask to save when closing certain project with X icon.
  • Fixed. small glitch at start playback in Timeline and Trimmer.
  • Fixed. EDL & CD Tab: Selecting some fields does not highlights them correctly and could hang Pyramix.
  • Fixed. Automation: Mixer Automation state change should rejoin the curve display.
  • Fixed. Media Manager: Refreshing a folder will set focus to wrong folder after the refresh.
  • Fixed. Media Manager: Playback after Mixdown does not always play the proper audio clip in trimmer.
  • Fixed. search result: doesn't collect search result media when duplicated media is in the selection.
  • Fixed. Album Publishing: Potential hang at AP generation with default settings and certain images.
  • Fixed. Album Publishing: Crash/Hang when editing the Description field.
  • Fixed. Convert: Fail on some project/medias conversion (consolidate).
  • Fixed. Media Manager Reverse creates multiple files.
  • Fixed. Wrong message (Low Memory) when trying to auto-save a missing project.
  • Fixed. Import : crash if Media Manager is displaying the destination folder.
  • Fixed. Jog with a chase machine lags.
  • Fixed. AAF Embedded extracted Media disappears after being created.
  • Fixed. EDL tab: cannot select clip range with Shift under Windows 7.
  • Fixed. Media Manager: Cannot delete media files or crash after an Interchange import (OMF-PMF files).
  • Fixed. Automation Curves corrupted after EDL reconform.
  • Fixed. Automation XML export does not work anymore.

VCUBE 3.0 SP3 Release Notes

AJA LHi and Kona 3 (Xena 2K) control settings
The AJA Xena LHi and Kona 3 (a.k.a Xena 2K) video boards are offering improved performances for HD video output. They are using new functions of the AJA SDK, which needed a few adjustments to have a
configuration GUI equivalent to what was provided with Xena LHe.

Main improvements are:

  • Video I/O tab reorganization, with usage-based categories homogeneous for all AJA boards.
  • HDMI input and output support (with LHi only).
  • Analog output set in SD mode as default.
  • Access to AJA 2K Router for more advanced configurations.


  • WSS Support: Added option to insert Widescreen Signaling (WSS) on first visible line for MXF Render to IMX/D-10.
  • Batch Export:
    • Processed files go to subfolder 'DONE'.
    • Added 'Cancel All' button to stop Batch.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed. VCube: Batch Export crashes on second MXF export.
  • Fixed. VCube: Still image import crash (DPX, JPG...).
  • Fixed. VCube: default Network Read Cache settings inaccurate for MXF with audio.
  • Fixed. VCube: Batch export Watch mode keeps original files.
  • Fixed. VCube: Removed "Warning Serial Port Already in Use" message at start.
  • Fixed. VCube: MXF: WSS (widescreen signaling) support for D-10.

Ovation Version 2.0 SP3 Release Notes

Ovation WebServer: Added server connection feedback functionality: The Timecode window background turns to red if either the client network connection is lost (wifi) or if for whatever reason the Ovation server goes offline. The Web UI reconnects automatically when the connection comes back.



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