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MeterPlugs Perception AB On Sale - 30% Off

July 20, 2021

MeterPlugs is offering a 30% discount on Perception AB, until Monday, July 19th. MeterPlugs says:

Perception AB lets you know whether your music sounds better, or just louder. It does this helping you make loudness-matched (and latency-compensated) A/B comparisons of the processing within your mix or master. It even works with external hardware.

Matt Houghton of SOS sums up Perception AB by saying:

A substantial leap forward from the original Perception, particularly for those looking to use it in a mix session.... I'd thoroughly recommend trying it out.

And had this to say about using Perception AB in a mix:

I also enjoyed using multiple instances to judge the processing applied to subsections of a mix: for example, bypassing all the processing on multitrack drums while playing back the rest of the mix fully processed.

Receive the discount by entering the "SOS21" discount code in the shopping cart.

MeterPlugs offers a 60 day money-back guarantee.



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