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Midi-2-the-Max releases M2TM Chords - MIDI Tool for Ableton Live 12


Midi-2-the-Max has released M2TM Chords, a MIDI Tool for Ableton Live 12. Here's what they say:

M2TM Chords allows you to generate chord progressions of any length and complexity, by just typing chord symbols as you would do with pen and paper.

Its smart parser recognizes chords all common (and not-so-common) chord symbols, with added 6th, 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th, in any order and in their natural, lowered (flat) or raised (sharp) variations, plus many non-standard chords like stacked fourths or fifths. It supports slash chords (e.g. Cmaj7/G), chord inversions, rootless and drop chords, open and closed voicings, and more.

M2TM Chords features auto-inversion, intelligently selecting optimal inversions for each chord, similar to an experienced musician. The legato option seamlessly connects notes for a smoother sound.

You can build complex harmonies by generating one simpler progression at a time. New progressions can be appended to existing ones, and the auto-loop option can ensure that the clip's loop area always matches the most recent progression or encompasses all the sub-progressions generated so far.

Price: 15€.

Read more about M2TM Chords and other Live tools by MIDI2themax in this PDF manual.




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