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Midi Madness Software releases MIDI Madness 3 - incl. VST Instrument Hosting

Midi Madness Software

Midi Madness Software has released Midi Madness 3, a major new version of the algorithmic melody generator that creates unlimited unique MIDI sequences based on the parameters set by the user. It can create anything from simple bass-lines, to long and epic chord sequences. Along with notes, the user can create CC data and pitch bend to modulate a synth's parameters.

New Features:

  • Multiple Playback Modes: New in version 3 are multiple playback modes. The first is Loop mode - the same as version 2, where a loop is created and played back in sync with a DAW. The second is Freestyle - MIDI Madness will generate unique melodies in real-time, infinitely. The final mode is Trigger, which takes incoming MIDI notes and transposes them to match the chords set in MIDI Madness, allowing a user to play live.
  • Better Generation: The total number of CCs have been increased to 8 (plus modulation and pitch). Generated clips are now stored in a history to allow recall of previous loops and clips can also be saved in dedicated slots. Loops can now be any number of beats, instead of full bars.
  • VST Plugin Hosting: MIDI Madness 3 now supports hosting VST instruments directly in the plug-in. There's no more complicated routing, simply pick a synth and press play. VST synths can be loaded in both the VST and AU versions, and external routing is still available in the VST version.
  • Polyphony: MIDI Madness can now have up to 16 note polyphony. A user can create basslines and melodies, and full chord sequences.
  • Full Playback: A user can now save MIDI sequences and synth data with a session. Most of the parameters can now be automated via a DAW, meaning better expression in songs and the ability to perform live.

Price: £59. Existing users of MIDI Madness can upgrade for £29. Users who purchased MIDI Madness 3 in 2017 are entitled to a free upgrade. An email with instructions for existing users has been sent out.



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