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mididope releases MIXMUX Duo (MIDI plugin for live sequencing) with intro offer


mididope has announced the release of MIXMUX Duo, a "dual agile sequencer with a focus on playability for all kinds of live performances" for Live / M4L.

Here's what they say:

MIXMUX Duo rhythmizes the notes of incoming MIDI chords and creates diverse variations within a composed framework by intermeshing methods of generative music with musical constraints. The basic concept follows the structure of a DJ setup, which finally makes the device extensively controllable with 3 faders only (Player A+B and Crossfader).

The playback logic of Mixmux Duo resembles that of an arpeggiator but can additionally be adjusted in a way similar to a step sequencer. This allows it to be much more flexible than both the arpeggiator and the step sequencer, thus making it the ideal instrument for live performances of electronic music as well as creative studio processes with Ableton Live.

Videos: YouTube.com/playlist?list=PLQNmEdIr_HfrQwSEEaVYRHTU3n2hQblCp

Key Features:

  • two agile sequence players A+B.
  • crossfader for toggling behaviour between A and B.
  • toggling behaviour can be determined by threshold or probability.
  • two main sliders to control the overall dynamics of each sequence player (A+B).
  • different play modes: free, link, sync or live (to control Ableton Live).
  • two hold modes for live playing: swap, add.
  • key filter, separate for each sequence player.
  • device size can be adjusted for the live situation.
  • playing chance can be adjusted for each step.
  • single note, interval or chord can be chosen for each step.
  • positive or negative delay for each step.
  • arpeggio can be assigned to each step.
  • subecho can be adjusted inside each step.
  • control slider for each multislider unit (restrictable range or invertable).
  • each step can be fixed or be affected by the unit slider.
  • KEYDOPE Lite included – a simple one key chord generator.

Intro Price: 24€/29$ until October (Reg. 49€/59$).



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