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The Mix Challenge audio community has announced it is celebrating the 6th anniversary of the Mix(ing) Challenge:

Time flies. It's been 6 years that the Mix Challenge ran its first game on KVR Audio. Since then, we've seen a steady run of over 65 mixing challenges and 33 songwriting competitions.

In March 2020, we've also exceeded 100 participants for the Mix Challenge. Considering the current community size, that has been an impressive feat. I am still amazed by the steady growing interest, hearing so many great edits and productions every month. What ripples a simple idea can create...

A ginormous thank you to all participants, license sponsors, supporters and people behind the scenes that helped shape the Mix Challenge audio community into what it is today, and keep the gears running. May these games continue to be an inspiration to aspiring musicians and/or mix/audio engineers all over the world, and remain a place to gain experience and learn new things in the process.

Happy 6th Anniversary, Mix Challenge.

The following challenges are currently open to compete in:

  1. Mix Challenge #066:
    • Have the chance to work on a 1980s/1990s Rock production.
    • Deadline: 21st of June.
  2. Songwriting Competition #034:
    • The theme being "Reboot".
    • Create a production in the Big Beat genre (fitting to the given premise).
    • Deadline: 24th of June.

Prizes will be awarded to the Winners Podium. Among them (selection): Acon Digital, Ghostwave Audio, Hollow Sun, Hornet Plugins, IK Multimedia, JRR Sounds, kv331 audio, Luftrum, Metric Halo, NOS Audio, Rekkerd Sounds, Satyatunes Graphic and Sound Design and Tone2.

What is the Mix Challenge community?

The Mix Challenge is a still young and ever growing dynamic hub for novice to professional musicians and mix engineers alike, which is hosting fun and educational audio challenges on a regular basis.

Starting in June 2014 as a mixing competition on KVR Audio, the Mix Challenge has been on a dedicated place since April 2017. It can currently count a steady run of over 65 mixing challenges and over 33 songwriting competitions.

The Mix(ing) Challenge is simulating a real world business-to-client situation, including having to stick to deadlines, not to mention providing suitable documentation for both educational, but also replication purposes (should you have to revisit the material at a later state). This is particularly valuable if you are interested in a career in music editing and production, where there is no margin for mistakes. At the Mix Challenge community, you can practice this through "learning by doing" and interacting with other participants - something that not a lot of places offer.

The Songwriting Competition on the other hand is a more "free form" game - create a production within a certain time frame, according to the given theme, premise and genre. Once the competition has ended, it is mandatory to provide feedback to the top 20 entries and cast a vote for them. Failing to do so will result in a disqualification. The idea here is to step out of your comfort zone, just create something, show your skills, while interacting with other musicians and learn from each other.

The deadlines for the games are:

  • Songwriting Competition – 24 days, recurrence: monthly.
  • Mix(ing) Challenge – 21 days, recurrence: February until December.
  • additional games on demand (Remixing and Mastering Challenges).


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