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Mixanalog releases elysia nvelope on their platform


Mixanalog, the online service for processing audio through analog gear, has added elysia audio nvelope to its collection of analog gear.

Elysia audio describes nvelope as:

nvelope is powerful audio processor capable of making subtle or drastic changes to a sound by providing control over its attack and sustain characteristics. This is extremely useful for reshaping all sorts of individual tones, and is a wonderful tool in any mixing situation as well. Big drums? You name it.

Mixanalog states:

The user gets full remote control of the nvelope through a plugin-like web interface on mixanalog.com. Processed audio is streamed back to the user so that they can hear their settings and changes in real-time in lossless quality. After users set desired settings, they can proceed to bounce the tracks.

Mastering engineer, Robert Macciochi of Subvert Central Mastering who owns and uses nvelope daily for over 7 years compared his unit with the one on Mixanalog. He says:

I can confirm it behaves like the real thing. The only difference I could discern was due to converter differences.

N.B. Mixanalog uses Burl converters.

With Mixanalog, a user can test nvelope on their tracks and work environment before purchase for free without ordering a demo unit. If the budget doesn't allow for a purchase of a unit you can continue using it through Mixanalog for as little as $3 per 15 minutes of use.

Elysia nvelope is free to use for 30 minutes per user per day on mixanalog.com until mid March.



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