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Mixed in Key updates Captain Plugins for Mac to v2.0.2.2861

Mixed in Key

Mixed in Key has updated the Mac version of Captain Plugins to v2.0.2.2861.


  • Added Space to Captain Chords, replacing the old Note Length dropdown.
  • In Captain Chords, Play clips can now be copied and pasted to another tab for further editing.


  • Redesigned the Play tab for easier and more powerful mapping of MIDI keyboards.
  • Recording a Play clip with a MIDI keyboard now records the note velocities.
  • Improved browsing through timing patterns.
  • Improved the interactions between Strum, Swing, and now Space.
  • Changed the Strum and Swing controls into knobs.
  • Now renaming the "One Measure" timing pattern to "Half Measure" and "Two Measures" for the fast and slow timings.


  • Strum, Swing, and Space are now included when copying, pasting, saving, and loading data between tabs.
  • Fixed the issue with Strum state not fully being applied during state restoration.
  • Fixed an issue where chords detected from a MIDI keyboard would sometimes be inverted.


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