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Mixing Night Audio releases LOLCOMP plugin

Mixing Night Audio

Mixing Night Audio has announced the release of LOLCOMP for macOS and Windows in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats.

The main interface hosts 5 different compression chains, hand-crafted by Ken Lewis:

  • The Smiley Chain is a done-for-you vocal chain.
  • Panda Chain helps your 808s and low-end elements rumble and sit right in the mix.
  • Punch Chain's slower attack allows your drums and transient elements to cut through with power and control.
  • The Peacock Chain is a pure beautifier for everything that needs a little sparkle.
  • The Dragon Chain starts with musical saturation and pushes to pure destruction, depending on what you feed the beast.

The PARALOL button activates the LMAO section, a powerful tone shaper you can route pre or post LOL compression. LEVITATE tilts your audio thinner or heavier, MASH is a finishing limiter for control and push, AWAKEN ignites the LAVENDER Mids or the air band HAZE, and OXIDATE inserts a choice of 5 of Ken's most used reverb styles and adjusts to taste. A powerful Filter section narrows your audio while the Mix knob determines overall affect.

LOLCOMP comes with 100 presets, straight from Ken Lewis's mix sessions, and named for how Ken used them.

I built LOLCOMP to mimic many of my multi-plugin processes and simplify my mixing life. However, with all of this power under one hood, I use it in ways I never dreamed of with my old techniques. It's replaced 80% of my other compression and tone shapers, and it's so easy to dial in it feels like cheating. Amateurs can easily achieve great results and pros will find more power than they expect from any plugin. Mix engineers should design more plugins.

Ken Lewis, creator of LOLCOMP.

LOLCOMP is available from Mixing Night Audio for $149.



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