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NAMM 2008MixMeister announces MixMeister Fusion and MixMeister Studio v7.2


MixMeister has announced MixMeister Fusion and MixMeister Studio v7.2. These updates for Windows include streamlined performance and features. This release marks the first Mac versions of MixMeister.

Version 7.2 of both packages includes the following:

  • Native Mac OSX version (Universal Binary for PowerPC or Intel processors).
  • Improved time stretching accurately matches beats with fast or slow tempos.
  • Enhanced timeline display provides clear division of measures.
  • Effect automation via MIDI controllers – external hardware can now manipulate effect parameters.
  • Support for stored EQ settings in transition templates for advanced users.
  • "Fade and Cue Next" feature fades and pauses a mix then starts at the next track - prefect for voice over announcements (Fusion only).
  • New master volume control for preview output – headphone and main out can be controlled independently (Fusion only).

Fusion 7.2 lets musicians maintain up to eight songs perfectly beat-matched at all times, enabling improvisation with effects to shape the music in a million ways. Fusion supports harmonic mixing, VST effects, intelligent looping, MIDI hardware controllers and more. Fusion is designed to mix complete DJ sets from full-length songs to achieve the functionality of a loop editor or digital audio workstation, and can blend songs together to create stunning DJ performances.

MixMeister Studio 7.2 gives DJs the ability to make nanosecond tempo adjustments, shift the key of any song, add beat loops and plug-in special effects and much more. MixMeister's innovative visual display allows zoom in on individual beats and measures to make precise adjustments until the mix sounds exactly right. With MixMeister Studio, it's easy to create commercial-quality DJ mixes and burn them to CD or stream them over the Internet.

Both MixMeister Fusion and MixMeister Studio offer the ability to manipulate tempo, volume and EQ in real time, on-the-fly. Musicians can also add effects and experiment with looping features. Both also record all actions (not just the resulting audio), so DJs can go back, listen to the mix, and make precise adjustments with studio-style editing capabilities.

MixMeister Fusion has a suggested retail price of $329.95, while MixMeister Studio lists at $169.95.



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