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Monoplugs updates B-Step Sequencer to v1.2 and releases standalone for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux


Monoplugs has updated B-Step Sequencer to v1.2 and released it as standalone for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

The standalone version of B-Step you can sync via MIDI Clock to your DAW or MIDI hardware. Also you can run the sequencer as MIDI Clock master and sync your devices to B-Step.

Supported MIDI:

  • Windows: default MIDI driver & Kernel Streaming (ASIO will follow).
  • Mac OS X: CoreMIDI.
  • Linux: ALSA.

In B-Step Sequencer 1.2 Monoplugs have improved the chord editor, added some new features to the sequencer and cleaned up a lot of things to make it much more usable than before. Now you can import/export your projects, MIDI controller maps, chord sets and presets from/to file and share them between the standalone and VST version or with your friends.


  • Stop playing notes if playback stops.
  • Add Error messages if a MIDI port is not able to open (have a look in our forum to fix issues on Windows).
  • MIDI learn map will not loaded correctly.
  • MIDI Thru bug.
  • Restore MIDI ports on reopen B-Step.

Sequencer Settings:

  • Add clock thru option in standalone.


  • Add export/import project files.
  • Add export/import chord presets.
  • Add export/import MIDI maps.
  • Add some project presets & chord presets.

Sequencer Features:

  • Add mute-chain | you can now play empty bars or mute a bar in the chain.
  • Add master track octave offset rotaries.
  • Add what's the next bar in the chain marker.
  • Add panic button.

MIDI learn (new design):

  • Add Feedback.
  • Change the editor layout and MIDI learn handling.

User Interface:

  • Clean up settings editor.
  • Clean up main interface.
  • Add tree different colour setups.
  • Remove step was enabled marker.


  • Add bar copy support (hold down one bar button (source) and click a other bar button (target) ).
  • Change default MIDI channel to 1.

For more information about the sequencer have a look at the KVR B-Step product page or visit the home of B-Step Sequencer.



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