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MOTU updates Digital Performer to v9.52


MOTU has updated Digital Performer to v9.52.


  • Allow studio configurations of up to 1024 stereo busses.
  • Allow adding up to 1024 bundles in one go.
  • Improved efficiency for projects using Quicktime movies as Quicktime-related threads are terminated for inactive Chunks.
  • Improved click stability in Countoff and Countoff-Wait modes.
  • Added sorting code to work around the fact that macOS High Sierra is no longer guaranteed to sort files and folders in alphabetical order.
  • File import now does a case-insensitive check of file extensions when deciding whether the type is allowable.
  • Added option to reveal Chunks in the Chunks window after importing via the "Import" and "Load" menus.
  • Fixed a bug preventing track folder hierarchies from being preserved when dragging a sequence from the chunks window into the tracks overview or sequence editor.
  • Fixed a bug where opening successive effects windows could leave the effect GUIs offset from the parent window.
  • Fixed a bug that intermittently prevented plugin bypass UI elements (bypass button in plugin GUI, italicized name in insert strip, etc) from reflecting the true state of the plug-in.
  • Fixed a bug preventing ProVerb to correctly display the state of the bypass button.
  • Movie audio is now silent when its output is set to "none".
  • Fixed a bug where the submenus to send movie audio output to new bundles or new aux tracks would not appear.
  • Set Movie Start Time can now be assigned to a command.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause exported plug-in MIDI outputs to be duplicated.


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