MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX Modular VST to version 7.4.6.

What's new:

  • New Frequency Spectrum Analyser module.
  • Modular areas: When connecting modules, now the dragged connection snaps to the closest connectable jack. That's more comfortable.
  • Both the MultiMode Filter as the TF Lowpass Filter now include a frequency spectrum display that shows the filter graph.
  • Added a curve parameter to the Oscillator Super Layers Quick Edit so to have more control over the detune spread.
  • Projects, MUX presets and MuClips can now include creator info.
  • MUX front panel edit button now clearly indicates edit state.
  • MUX Front panels: Improved behavior when using a background picture and using that it on different GUI scales.
  • Sequence Editor: Improved behavior wrt automatic mouse tool selection when hovering notes.
  • Sequence Editor: When using different MIDI channels per note, the "Choose Focused Channel" function was not working anymore. Fixed.
  • Grid editor: The mouse display showed a percentage value but it's irrelevant in the grid editor. Fixed.
  • MuLab for Windows: Key strokes that are unused by a focused VST editor are now processed by MuLab.
  • Clicking the background of the top control bar of a VST editor moves keyboard focus to MuLab.
  • MUX Modular VST for Windows: Unused key strokes are forwarded to the host.
  • Fixed a stereo signal processing issue in the Pure Delay.
  • Improved behavior wrt sound files with invalid marker data, which could potentially even cause a crash. Fixed.
  • Renamed "Set Beats Per Bar" to "Set Time Signature".
  • Added explicit crash protection against a unreal case in PolySynth processing that was/is assumed to never happen. (The log file will tell if it ever does happen).
  • Improved behavior in case a VST causes a problem during instantiation.
  • When there are multiple edit fields in a panel, the Tab key now steps thru these fields.
  • Text string fields: Sometimes the selection was not indicated when it should. Fixed.
  • Several improvements which make the GUI more instant and snappy.
  • In some cases while live resizing windows, they were not immediately fully updated. Fixed.
  • Fixed a potential crash bug when lassoing a selection in an empty string display.
  • When opening a project with missing audio files and choosing the Search All option, then in some cases the dialog could get in an infinite loop. Fixed.
  • An important bug fix, too technical to describe, but besides unexpected behavior it could potentially even cause a crash, so it's an important fix.
  • Doubled the maximum supported screen width from 4096 to 8192 pixels.
  • Plus other improvements.


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