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New Ultimate Sound Bank(USB) instruments announced: UltraFocus, Xtreme FX, Charlie & Angel


ILIO Entertainments announced at the NAMM Show 2003 that it is the new North American distributor for Ultimate Sound Bank's entire line of products, including its critically acclaimed Plugsound products, Soundscan, and a new set of virtual instrument releases.


Among USB's new virtual instruments, announced for the first time at this year's Winter NAMM show, will be UltraFocus Synthesis Anthology. This new instrument unveils new synthesis features of USB's UVI-Engine and contains a varied arsenal of sounds, created using dozens of classic synths.

The included presets can be loaded in one of two available "layers". Each layer can use every sound-shaping feature of the UVI-Engine: dual multimode filters, two envelopes, 4 LFOs, mono-legato mode, enhanced modulation routing and more. Users will be able to easily access tones from several synthesis methods in a simple virtual instrument: analog, analog modeling, vector, wavetable and digital. Despite the sheer number of presets, sounds are easy to find thanks to USB's file search feature that can locate sounds by type (bass, leads, etc.), or by synthesis technique.

The sounds can also be loaded into MOTU's new Mach Five software sampler. Features include a large library of "collector's synths", a feature-rich interface, mono-legato mode, unlimited polyphony, low latency, real-time MIDI control of every parameter and zone editing.

UltraFocus is a plug-in that supports VST, RTAS, MAS and will support Mac OSX in the near future.

Xtreme FX

USB's Xtreme FX, Creative SFX library plug-in puts thousands of creative sound effects at the user's fingertips with ultra-fast load times. The interface offers premium quality sound-design tools allowing users to twist and reshape each sound to fit their projects. Based on the UVI synth engine, it features a large sound library that can be manipulated with high quality filters, LFOs, envelopes, zone-editing, and layering to produce truly unique effects.

Charlie Virtual Retro Organ Module

Yet another USB announcement is their new Charlie Virtual Retro Organ Module. "Charlie" is focused on famous electric organ sounds. The instrument is sample-based to capture the real sound quality of a genuine organ, recorded with the vintage equipment favoured by purists everywhere. The Leslies were carefully mic'd and recorded with low and high rotor speed. Charlie is powered by USB's UVI engine, allowing musicians to play complex parts without the polyphony restrictions of modeling. A clearly designed interface helps the user to make the necessary sound adjustments.

Angel Virtual Church Organs & Choirs

Lastly, USB announces the upcoming release of their Angel Virtual Church Organs & Choirs. The church organ sound library was recorded in several different churches known for their outstanding instruments. Each church organ features several different sound variations, for extensive realism (Tutti, Bourdon, Fonds, more). The ethereal choirs feature men, women and children.

ILIO will also distribute USB's extensive line of professional sample libraries and their Soundscan sample library series.


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