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Niall Moody releases Pedalboard2 v2.03

Niall Moody

Back in June 2011 Niall Moody released Pedalboard2, a VST and AudioUnit plug-in host designed for live use. It is a re-invention of Niall's Pedal Board, originally released in 2004. Niall has just updated Pedalboard2 to v2.03.

Pedalboard2 Key Features:

  • Modular patching.
  • All plug-in parameters can be manipulated in real time via MIDI CCs or Open Sound Control messages.
  • Any number of patches can be queued up and rapidly switched.

Changes in v2.03:

  • Drag and drop loading of.pdl files.
  • Drag and drop loading of plug-in files (.dll,.vst,.component).
  • Set FilePlayer's Sync to Main Transport button correctly on creation.
  • Saving an existing patch should no longer open the save as... dialog.
  • Dragging a PluginComponent outside the PluginField's bounds scrolls the viewport.
  • Fixed MIDI Input only accepting messages from the default device; now messages from any devices ticked in the Audio Settings dialog will be available.
  • Special case fix for VAZ+, since it doesn't like being put in a resizable window.
  • Basic OSC learn functionality; the app remembers every OSC address it's been sent since it was started, and gives the user a combobox list of them.
  • Added the same OSC learn functionality to application mappings window.
  • Fixed memory leak in the mappings managers.
  • Larger hit test area for plug-in pins (big enough now?).
  • Fixed plug-ins disappearing off the top left of the screen if you dragged them and changed patch.
  • Made AudioFormatManager and AudioThumbnailCache singletons to simplify things (not ideal, but the alternative would be an enormous pain in the bum).
  • Added Audio Recorder component.
  • Use same stored folder for AudioRecorder as for FilePlayer.

Changes in v2.02:

  • Load pdl files from the command line.

Changes in v2.01:

  • Display the current computer's IP address in the about window.
  • Add Trigger parameter to File Player (to allow drum machine-style playing).
  • Make OSC mapping address text editor not require a return keypress.
  • Draw dragged connections centred on the mouse pointer.
  • Update PluginField bounds when a processor is moved outside them.
  • Made Level processor stereo.
  • VU Meter processor.
  • Ability to double-click a processor's title bar to change its name.
  • Give pins a larger hit test radius when dragging a connection.
  • Make sure 'Override plug-in's MIDI...' button state persists after closing the window.
  • Update to JUCE v1.54.27.
  • OSX Version.


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