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Nikolozi releases Mela v2.0 — Adds iPhone support, Perform View and more


Nikolozi has updated Mela to version 2.0 for iOS.

User Interface:

  • The user interfaces of Mela 2 AUs are highly adaptive. They make the best use of the space provided by the host's window. Additionally, the app supports all orientations on both iPhone and iPad as well as split-screen on iPad. Vertical selector bar on the left allows you to show / hide different views as needed.
  • Mela has a new color scheme. But if you are feeling nostalgic, the old color scheme can be turned on via the settings. The app icon has been updated to match the theme.
  • All controls have been updated to give Mela more consistent design language. The parameter controls always display their current values. Dials now respond to both vertical and horizontal pan gestures. They lock to the axis where the most travel is detected right after the initial touch. Double tapping on dials and sliders reset the control to its default value.
  • To improve usability of the virtual musical keyboard, it was redesigned to look and work like a mini controller rather than a piano.

Perform View:

  • The perform view is a great way to cherry pick the AU parameters you care about most and access them all from one place. This is especially useful when you want to make Mela or Mela FX window small inside a host and still be able to tweak the parameters. You can assign up to 8 parameters to it. When there are no parameters assigned, the perform view is hidden.
  • Tap on the title / value text area of a dial or slider to bring up the context menu. Via the menu, you can assign, reassign or unassign the parameter to one of the 8 slots of the perform view.
  • After a parameter is assigned to a perform view it automatically gets a sensible shortened title. However, you can rename it to anything you like. Simply tap on the perform view dial's title / value text area and from the context menu select Rename. You can also select Unassign to remove the dial from the perform view.
  • When Mela 1.x presets are loaded in Mela 2, some useful parameters will be assigned to the perform view dials automatically. These can be easily changed.


  • Added Preset Browser for improved preset navigation.
  • Improved Preset Selector.
  • Simpler import / export functionality via the context menu, which is accessible when the preset selector is tapped.
  • The existing Mela and Mela FX user presets will also be visible in Mela 2 and Mela FX 2.

Other changes:

  • Added a share button to the user guide. This means the PDF version of the user guide can be saved or shared.
  • LFO and delay time synced parameters are now dials instead of pop-up lists.
  • Envelopes and XY pads have linked controls above them for more flexibility.
  • Renamed LFO's Sample & Hold to Random.
  • Many other small changes and enhancements.
  • Added many new presets.

Mela 2 is priced at $14.99, but is available at an introductory price of $9.99 on the App Store. The offer ends on March 28th, 2021. Mela 1 users can upgrade at a discount by completing the App Store bundle.




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