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Nikolozi updates Mela to v1.7 – adds Phase Distortion, new VA Filter and much more


Nikolozi has updated Mela to version 1.7 for iOS.



  • Sub-oscillator and Noise oscillator have been renamed to "Oscillator 3" and "Oscillator 4.".
  • All 4 oscillators now have exactly the same functionality.
  • Noise is now one of the waveform types.
  • Added a modern Phase Distortion algorithm with an additional Harmonics parameter. This is the same oscillator found in the NPD synth.
  • Harmonics adjusts the richness of the generated waveform and modulating it sounds similar to filter sweeps.
  • The Shape and Harmonics parameters of the PD waveform can be modulated via Mod Matrix.
  • New Virtual Analog Filter:
  • Added a new virtual analog style self-oscillating resonant filter to Mela and Mela FX.
  • The filter is similar to the one found in the NPD synth.
  • It can be selected by setting the Type parameter to "B 12dB.".
  • The new filter can also morph between low-pass, band-pass and high-pass types.

LFO 3:

  • Added a new LFO modulator to both Mela and Mela FX.
  • As with the other LFOs, its Rate and Depth can be modulated.


  • Since the Mela Oscillators were generalized, the component names in the routing diagram were adjusted accordingly.
  • Existing user presets will migrate correctly and will sound the same.
  • "Split" option was renamed to "Shared Split.".
  • "F2: Noise Only" option was renamed to "3-1 Split.".
  • There's a new "2-2 Split" option which routes Oscillators 1 & 2 to Filter 1 and Oscillators 3 & 4 to Filter 2.

Turning Off Components
Most Mela Synth and Mela FX components can either be disabled or bypassed. This means that components can be turned on or off as needed to optimise your CPU usage. Additionally, a disabled component's parameters will have a dimmed look. This allows to quickly see which parts of the Synth or FX are affecting the sound:

  • Oscillators can be disabled by setting the Waveform parameter to the "Off" value.
  • Envelope 2 & 3 can be disabled by setting the Mode parameter to the "Off" value. Amp Envelope can't be disabled.
  • LFOs can be disabled by setting the Waveform parameter to the "Off" value.
  • Envelope Follower can be disabled by setting the Input parameter to the "Off" value.
  • Effect controls dim and become disabled when effect is bypassed.


  • Updated Mela and Mela FX's factory presets by turning off sections not used to save CPU.
  • Added new presets, most of which utilise the new PD oscillators and filter.
  • Fixed an intermittent bug where an exported preset didn't contain correct preset name inside the file.


  • Mod Matrix's target list items are now grouped making it easier and faster to find the desired target parameters.
  • Improved where the Number Pad appears with respect to the parameter value label it is modifying.
  • Fixed Mela Synth unreliably changing volume when it received MIDI CC#7 (Volume) message. It will no longer do anything for that specific MIDI message.
  • Updated user guide.
  • Many other UI tweaks and minor improvements.

As of this update, Mela can do everything NPD can and much more. This includes the Phase Distortion and Filter algorithms found in NPD. To help users crossgrade to Mela, it will be on sale for 50% off for a limited time.

Download the update from the App Store.




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