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Niu plusplus updates MidiPhrase to v2.0.17

Niu plusplus

Niu plusplus has updated MidiPhrase to v2.0.17.

In this update, a more efficient and convenient note input method has been introduced. By holding down Alt (Mac: Option), you can left-click to input notes or right-click to delete notes. In fact, single-clicking is more convenient, accurate, and aligns better with human habits compared to double-clicking.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that the root note binding for phrases is now available even in non-playback mode. In non-playback mode, the root notes are bound in the order of your selected notes, which differs from the nearest root note binding in playback mode. For example, if you have a chord progression of 1-6-4-5, you no longer need to start playback first. Simply select these four root notes, then trigger the phrase, and the root notes will be automatically switched and bound. Now you can freely combine and experiment with your phrases.


  1. Add Quick Note Input Method: Hold Win:ALT or Mac:Option and click the left mouse button to input a note; click the left mouse button to delete a note.
  2. [Phrase]: When multiple notes are selected and not in playback mode, triggering the phrase will sequentially bind the notes as root notes. This is very helpful for quickly experimenting with various phrase combinations during composition or arrangement.

Behaviors Fixes:

  1. Fix the Possible Calculation Deviation in Quantization Function.




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