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NoiseAsh releases "Vocal Finalizer" and "Heater" plugins with Halloween / Intro Offer


NoiseAsh has announced the release of the Vocal Finalizer and Heater plug-ins for macOS and Windows in VST, AU and AAX formats.

Vocal Finalizer
$29.90 (Reg. $90).

Vocal Finalizer is designed for holding "Vintage & Modern Characters - Simplicity - Wide Usability Range – Time Saving" properties together. Carefully crafted pieces are used in this combination to give everything you need to reach a final ready to mix vocal sound from a raw vocal track.


  • NoiseAsh's Fast, Analog Quality All in One DSP Engine.
  • Simplified controls, lots of creative possibilities.
  • 3 types of Vocal Specific Compressor/Limiter unit.
  • 3 types of Vocal Specific Tempo sync stereo delay unit.
  • 3 types of Vocal Specific High Definition Reverb unit.
  • 3 types of Vocal Specific Stereo Doubler - Chorus modulation unit.
  • Vocal Specific Body and Treble Solid State EQ curves.
  • Simplified Vocal Noise Gate.
  • Advanced Stereo Enhancer algorithm.

$29.90 (Reg. $90).

Every track needs some analog warmth and character. Making a weak-cold-lost track roar is the special magic. Heater is a digital simulation of one of the most powerful EQ based analog-style saturation tone shapers. It heats the signal giving fat, colored, gritty, dirty or crystal clear tones to your tracks.


  • NoiseAsh's Magical, Fast & High Definition DSP Engine.
  • Vintage analog saturation model.
  • Special harmonic distortion algorithm.
  • Stereo Expander.
  • Low Shelf & High Shelf Solid State EQ.
  • LP & HP Filters.
  • Simplified controls, lot's of creative possibilities.


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