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Novation updates Automap to v4.2 and Bass Station to v1.7


Novation recently updated Automap to version 4.2 and Bass Station to version 1.7.

Automap 4.2


  • Fixed Automap asking for password on launch when running in OS X. It will only ask once after installing.
  • Fixed potential crash when running new installs on OS X 10.6 or 10.7.
  • Fixed permissions with VST folders on OS X Lion by adding 'Installer Helper' after installation.
  • Fixed Automap crashing Logic's AU 32 bit Bridge.
  • Fixed missing screenshot for Logic and Remote SL setup guide.
  • Fixed VST plug-ins not loading when downgrading version of Automap on Windows.
  • Fixed VST plug-ins requiring to be re-enabled when updating Automap on Windows. Automap un-installer will now only run when installing from version 3.x to 4.x.
  • Fixed potential crash when disabling VST3 plug-ins on Windows.
  • Improved Ableton Live setup procedures and guides for Nocturn, Nocturn Keyboard and Ultranova.
  • Improved Ableton Live setup procedure and guides for Impulse.
  • Removed plug-ins enabling for Impulse when using Ableton Live in setup wizard.
  • Added notification message when trying to use an Automap 'thing' with Impulse when it is used under Ableton Live control surface.
  • Fixed not being able to launch mapping editor by clicking status bar > edit mapping with Impulse and Ableton Live.
  • Fixed crash when unplugging Impulse while using Ableton Live.
  • Updated Impulse DAW Setup guides.
  • Fixed Nuendo Setup guides mis-referencing on Windows.

Known issues:

  • Ableton Live mapping does not reload if MIDI channel 1 is already in use. This only affects Nocturn/Nocturn Keyboard/Ultranova, restarting the hardware will solve this.


  • Windows users upgrading from 4.0 are advised to disable and re-enable your VST plug-ins after the installation to ensure you have the latest Plug-In wrapper.
  • Users are advised not to downgrade to an earlier version after installing this version.
  • Pro Tools 9 users upgrading to version 10 are advised to disable their RTAS plug-ins first in Automap before uninstalling Pro Tools 9 and installing version 10.

Bass Station 1.7


  • Fixed issue where BassStation could cause Logic Pro to crash on bouncedown.


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