NUGEN Audio has released SigMod — a utility toolbox plug-in that features 11 single-process modules that can easily be inserted, swapped, and moved around, allowing for new options to correct, convert, or tweak audio as required. SigMod is designed to allow access to creative and advanced production techniques with ease — even if they are not supported natively within its user's DAW/plug-in collection.

Included are the following flexible selection of single-process modules: Mid/Side (for converting stereo plug-ins to mid/side operation); Protect (for safeguarding digital equipment via virtual protection 'circuitry'); Mono (for switching the signal path to mono to check for phase cancellation and image issues); Switch (for switching over the left and right — or mid/side — signals); Delay (for delaying the — milliseconds or samples — signal path); Phase (for inverting either side); Trim (for applying dB offset); DC Offset (for detecting and offsetting accordingly); Tap (for parallel processing); Crossover (for splitting frequencies to apply band-limited effects); and Mute/Solo (for muting or soloing a specific channel).

Combining those modules in any order allows SigMod users to design the precise routing required for easy exploration of new creative choices with auto-resizing keeping signal flow and functionality clear at all times.

Examples include adding mid/side functionality to classic compressor and EQ emulations, or getting creative with mid/side delays, distortion, and many other effects by inserting the Mid/Side encoder/decoder either side of any left/right plug-in instance.

Another useful instance involves inserting Protect across the output bus which will result in this safety module automatically cutting in to prevent bursts of noise or feedback howls due to system errors (with manual or auto-reset options providing protection levels as deemed necessary). This can be invaluable when working with headphones while mixing.

Though the world of parallel processing — namely, a second audio signal running alongside or 'in parallel' with the original sound to enhance and enlarge it in some way (rather than simply chaining a series of effects to interrupt the dry sound of an audio or software instrument track via its inserts) — can prove daunting to some, it doesn't have to be that way with SigMod... simply drop in the Tap module and all is good to go.

There is a Crossover module to split the high frequencies from the lows, allowing application of different effects to different frequency ranges — useful for avoiding muddying up the low frequencies, or getting creative with automation or sweep effects.

Also achievable are CPU (Central Processing Unit) load savings since SigMod only uses a significantly smaller part of a complex plug-in when solving a simple task.

Price: $49.00 - There is an introductory offer of $29.00 USD until June 25, 2018.

Watch an overview-style SigMod introductory video exclusive here



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