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Nyrv Systems releases "Genius Pack" EQ Plug-ins with "ART" technology for Mac & Win

Nyrv Systems

Nyrv Audio has announced the release of Genius Pack, the first in their new line of audio software plugins based on their proprietary sound engine they call "ART".

Genius Pack is a collection of 3 vintage analog equalizers in two plugins: the Genius 8K and the Genius 2735:

  • Genius 8K provides the user with an 8kHz boost EQ that is true to the original hardware icon it is inspired from, providing up to 10dB of high-mid frequency boost in 2dB increments.
  • Genius 2735 is Nyrv Audio's reproduction of two complementary EQs inside a single interface, providing you with both the transformer-based and transformerless models of the original EQ.

Jeff of Nyrv Audio explains: "ART stands for Analog Rendering Technology, and we believe that it is the next benchmark against which analog emulations will be measured.

We didn't spend our efforts endlessly analyzing circuits, the physics of one alloy vs another and building hardware in a software environment. Instead, we simply asked ourselves a different question: What does this hardware do to a signal?

Not what does it sound like, but what is happening in the spaces between the spaces... those subtle changes to music that you can't exactly hear but you feel them. Emotionally. Why does one thing sound good and another sound make you feel good?"

Among the special features provided in Nyrv's process is the ability to run the plugin in a "clean" mode, which remains authentic to the original analog hardware, but is slightly more linear and CPU efficient without any loss of quality. Equally important to the sound is the plugin's ability to run with complete zero-latency for live recording, monitoring, and mixing at any sample rate from 44.1kHz to 96kHz.

Genius Pack Feature Overview:

  • 3 Reproductions of Vintage EQs.
  • Proprietary Analog Rendering Technology (ART) process for realistic analog sound.
  • True Zero Latency Response for use while recording and playback with no delay.
  • All formats and All major DAWs supported.
  • Mac/PC.
  • Light CPU.
  • Clean Mode Allows full analog rendering with true non-linearity and harmonic details or reduced CPU with more modern frequency spectrum and no harmonic distortion.
  • True digital bypass and electronics pass-through with EQ-In and Out.
  • 8K interface up to 10dB boost in 2dB increments.
  • 2735 interface with 2.7kHz, 3.5kHz, 10kHz frequency bands -10dB to +10dB in 2dB steps.
  • Easy switch between transformer and transformerless EQs inside the same plugin.
  • Over indicator.

Price: $99.



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