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Orchestral Tools and Samplicity announce Berlin Orchestra and Berlin Studio Reverb Bundle

July 18, 2024
Orchestral Tools

Orchestral Tools and Samplicity have announced a limited-time offer on a unique collaborative bundle that combines the strengths of two of the industry's innovative developers and harnesses the power of the legendary Teldex Scoring Stage.

The bundle includes an ideal toolkit for creating orchestral mockups and rich compositions that utilize the signature Teldex sound:

The Teldex connection

The collaboration between OT and Samplicity came about due to a creative synergy around the Teldex Scoring Stage. Frequently used by OT for recording their sample libraries and an industry benchmark for quality sound and evocative ambience, the magic of the studio provided a rare opportunity to come together and craft a package that could provide something universally useful.

It is somewhat unusual for brands to collaborate in this space but we saw it is a very logical extension of the work both we and Samplicity were doing with Teldex. By doing this together, we're providing the global composer community with a low-cost package that gives them the quality and playability of our Berklee-endorsed symphony orchestra library, plus the ability to blend any other sounds or samples they choose to use with that orchestra in the same sonic environment. It's a very exciting thing for us both, and we think composers will find this immediately useful.

Orchestral Tools CEO and Founder Hendrik Schwarzer

Assembling the players

Crafted to meet the exacting specifications of the Berklee College of Music's Orchestral Scoring Program, Berlin Orchestra is a full symphony orchestra. Recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin with the same musicians and recording setup as the OT flagship Berlin Series libraries, Berlin Orchestra includes a complete string section with soloists and ensembles, a brass section with soloists and ensembles, a detailed woodwinds section, and a wide range of percussion instruments. The instrumentation and the articulations available allow composers to create just as they would for a live orchestra, with enough subtlety and control for the most demanding compositional needs.

Samplicity's Berlin Studio brings the acoustic richness of Teldex Scoring Stage to any other samples or sample collections that may be in a composer's favored musical toolkit. This detailed impulse-response reverb features flexible handling of microphone perspectives, time-alignment, early reflection, and reverb tails to give total mix control of the spatial sound. This gives composers and producers the ability to blend any sounds with OT libraries, or indeed put any sound at all into the Teldex Scoring Stage.

The bundle is available now through July 18 for a discounted price of €499 + VAT (normally €998 + VAT.).




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