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Orchestral Tools releases Special Bows 1, Special Bows 2, and First Chairs collections for SINE Player

Orchestral Tools

Orchestral Tools has relaunched their Berlin Strings Special Bows 1 and 2 and First Chairs collections for the SINE Player.

Whether used separately, combined, or layered with other string ensembles, the three collections are designed to facilitate the creation of string arrangements that are as distinctive as they are expressive. The three products are available individually or as a bundle containing all three collections:

The Berlin Strings Special Bows collections provide a variety of unconventional playing styles—sul tasto, sul ponticello, flageolet, and col legno—designed to create string arrangements with vivid and unusual character:

  • Special Bows 1 includes the high strings: 8 first violins, 6 second violins, and 5 violas.
  • Special Bows 2 provides the low strings: 5 celli and 4 double basses.

All instruments were recorded in situ, with players seated in their standard orchestral positions, using Orchestral Tools' standard multiple microphone placements. This ensures a balanced, spatially coherent sound that blends naturally with other Orchestral Tools collections, particularly the rest of the Berlin Strings family.

Berlin Strings First Chairs is designed to add depth and detail to string arrangements. The collection spotlights first and second violin, viola, cello, and double bass, all recorded in situ and across the full range of their respective instruments. A full library of articulations and sustain styles, combined with true adaptive legato, ensures naturalism and expressiveness. Used as additional lead instruments, the First Chairs collection lends extra definition to other Orchestral Tools ensembles. On its own, Berlin Strings First Chairs works as a quintet.

The SINE platform offers a number of workflow improvements, as well as making it possible for composers to purchase single instruments from the collection. SINE is a player, an instrument store, and a downloader all in one. It lets composers and producers buy the instruments required for a particular piece of music, rather than having to purchase an entire library.

Designed specifically for composition and scoring, SINE also allows composers to download just the parts of a library that they need, and offers new ways of managing multiple instruments and articulations easily. Composers can reduce the load on their system with features like mic-merging, allowing them to work as efficiently as possible with large sample libraries.

Price: The Berlin Character Strings bundle is on offer until April 5, for the introductory price of €349 (regular price €449). The individual collections are also on offer during this period. Anyone who owns the original collections gets the new SINE versions for free.



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