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Orchestral Tools releases Tom Holkenborg's Percussion

Orchestral Tools

Tom Holkenborg and Orchestral Tools have announced the release of Tom Holkenborg's Percussion, a new, high-impact drum library from the 'full-contact' Hollywood composer, producer, educator and multi-instrumentalist, and the celebrated sampling company from Germany.

Here's what they say:

The library gives composers and producers access to the epic drums that have helped define Tom's scoring career and have been used in countless blockbuster film scores, from Mad Max: Fury Road and Deadpool, to Godzilla vs Kong and Zack Snyder's Justice League.

"Often imitated, finally duplicated," is the mantra behind this new library. Holkenborg is a master of percussion and this library will put his actual drums in the hands of producers and composers across the globe. The collection includes orchestral and marching drums, unusual toms, and custom-built drums, all in a range of sizes and tunings. Tom is famed for creating his own custom drums, such as the polynesian inspired drums he created for Tomb Raider—the collection includes a wide selection of these unique instruments.

With a mix-ready sound, and with up to 100 dynamic layers per drum, this library is perfectly suited to powerful trailers, action cues, and propulsive cinematic themes, but also provides enough depth and detail for all manner of percussive music. Playability was paramount to Tom while developing this library, and it uses his own unique mapping style, with dynamic layers mapped across the keyboard. This relatively unusual mapping makes the drums intuitively playable, but above all it provides massive flexibility during MIDI editing. The library also includes a custom patch that maps directly to a plethora of electronic drum kits, samplers, and pad controllers from brands like Roland, Alesis, and more. The end result, says Orchestral Tools, is that Tom Holkenborg's Percussion functions as a full-fledged playable instrument, enabling users to compose, perform or even just jam, and experience.

Drums have often played a vital role in my scores: Whether I'm creating cues for aggressive, over-the-top action scenes or announcing the arrival of a gigantic animal, drums add tremendous energy. For this new Orchestral Tools library, I chose to share my very own drums with the world: These are the drums that you've heard in my scores, from Mad Max to Kong and Justice League. I hope this collection will spark some inspiration and enable you to create new things and take your percussion to a whole new level.

Tom Holkenborg

This library offers the exact same huge drum sound you might expect to hear in a blockbuster film scored by Tom Holkenborg. Of course, with access to a truly remarkable dynamic range for each drum, you don't have to make everything super loud. But when you need that extra level of impact, these drums deliver: I can honestly say that there's nothing else out there that goes this loud. We're thrilled to release this second collaboration with Tom.

Hendrik Schwarzer, Orchestral Tools CEO and founder

Price: €299. Tom Holkenborg's Percussion will be available as a special intro offer for €199 through June 23rd at the Orchestral Tools website. Customers can also choose a bundle that includes both Tom Holkenborg's Percussion and Tom Holkenborg's Brass (formerly Junkie XL Brass), which will be available for €699 (intro period from June 9 until June 23rd) / €849 (normal bundle price). VAT is added on purchases from some European countries.

Each library runs exclusively within the free SINE Player.



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