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OtiumFX becomes Tone Projects (Sonitex STX-1260, Compadre Beatpuncher and Basslane all updated)

Tone Projects

Effective immediately OtiumFX is changing its name to become: Tone Projects. Along with the name change a new website is launched at www.toneprojects.com and all former OtiumFX plug-ins – Sonitex STX-1260, Compadre Beatpuncher, and the freebie Basslane - are released in updated versions under the Tone Projects brand. The updated versions are free for existing customers and contain new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

The team behind Tone Projects remains unchanged from OtiumFX, but the new brand reflects the refined focus and experience gained after 6 years as a developer of unique audio plug-ins. The new name is also intended to strengthen the brand clarity and recognisability amongst international users.

"We're quite proud of the good reputation the OtiumFX brand has earned, but we wanted a name that better conveyed what we're about; and let's face it, a name that people can pronounce. Tone Projects will continue the very same philosophy that was behind OtiumFX and carry over our tradition for making finely tuned plug-ins with distinct character" says Rune Lund-Hermansen, head of Tone Projects.

Details about changes in the new versions of the plug-ins can be found below and under each product on the Tone Projects website.

  • Sonitex STX-1260 – Sonic Texturing Plug-in (Win VST - $74).
  • Compadre Beatpuncher – Compressor with an attitude (Win VST - $49).
  • Basslane – Freeware for low frequency stereo control (Win VST - Free).

The plug-ins are available for purchase through the online shop on the Tone Projects website. There will be a special Launch Promo running until October 31st, 2010, offering a 33% discount on Sonitex STX-1260.

Changes in Sonitex STX-1260 v1.5:

  • NEW: Internal modulation system. Allowing mixed LFO & Envelope Follower modulation for selected parameters.
  • NEW: MIDI Learn on selected parameters.
  • NEW: 5 new noise types added. (Warm Tape Noise, White Noise, 50's Movie Noise, 70's Movie Noise and 90's Movie Noise).
  • NEW: "Spread" function added to Vinyl Pitch. Adds difference in L & R channels for a nice stereo effect.
  • NEW: "Spread" function added to Noise. Adds a lot of dimension and realism to the noise. Mono compatible.
  • NEW: Tone bandwidth can now be tweaked by dragging up/down in the frequency display.
  • NEW: "Soft" mode added for Noise gate. Allows a slower response to provide a smooth alternative to the "percussive" normal mode.
  • Fixed Dual/Multi core compatibility problems.
  • Improved CPU performance.
  • Fixed long initialization problem causing playback to "freeze" when turning the plugin on.
  • Fixed minor memory leaks and bugs.

Changes in Compadre v1.5:

  • NEW: Optional BPM-synced release time.
  • Fixed Dual/Multi core compatibility problems.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Changes in Basslane v1.5:

  • Fixed Dual/Multi core compatibility problems.
  • Fixed inaccuracy in 12 dB/Oct filter.
  • Improved monitoring and metering.
  • Extended range of Gain (Vol. Trim) to allow both boost and attenuation.


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