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PechenegFX releases AutoSwell Pro for Windows VST


PechenegFX has released AutoSwell Pro, the new professional version of the AutoSwell Light VST plugin for Windows. Besides the features inherited from AutoSwell Light it has several new effects.


  • Probably you want to play with different shapes of swell attack or adjust swell shape for overdriven or compressed guitar sound. This flexibility is allowed with the parameterForm, which is displayed on the right top panel of the plugin. Moreover, you can see an animation of a swelling process during the work of the plugin.
  • May be you need to control plugin by side signal or put the plugin after another effect, such as overdrive. For these purposes you can use side chain detection. Just route the track with control signal to the track with your plugin to the channels 3/4. You can use this effect also in live playing, if you enable signal monitoring in the both of the tracks.
  • Third feature, which is enabled by default is MIDI controlled swell. If you have already recorded track and you want to control the swell process by piano or swell the signal between two notes, where the detection doesn't work. Or, probably you want to swell only selected notes. Just place the MIDI notes at needed time in the 16th channel.
  • There is also possibility to cancel the standard note detection (by input or side chain) using the MIDI. If you place the first MIDI note (C0 or C-1 on different DAWs) at needed time in the 16th channel, then the plugin will not perform the swell until the note is finished.

Price: 15€. Please visit the product page.



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