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Plogue updates chipsounds, sforzando and ARIA Engine to v1.6.2.5


Plogue has updated chipsounds, sforzando and the ARIA Engine that powers them to version

ARIA Engine Recent Updates


  • Added support for SFZ opcodes:
  • amp_velcurve_xxx (SFZ 1.0).
  • sw_vel=previous (SFZ 2.0).
  • Added smoothing on xfcurves.
  • Bug fix: lobend/hibend now works for edge cases (Thanks Randy.).
  • Bug fix: Regression in power vs gain xfcurve parsing.


  • Bug fix: Out of place file menu in ARIA Player.
  • Bug fix: Regression in effects GUI refreshes.


  • Bug fix: Engine-level CC7/CC10 handling conflicting with Stereo Stage.


  • Bug fix: Better handling of locc/hicc and similar opcodes when CC value.
  • did not originate from MIDI.


  • Windows: Better Unicode support for menus and displays.
  • Internal Changes.


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