pornofonic Instruments

Pornofonic Instruments has released Klusterkitt Rezonator: Order & Chaos, for Kontakt 5.7+.

Rezonator is a hybrid drum designer and kit builder offering deep electronic kits paired with handmade cluster percussion, and augmented with custom convolution impulses.

Rezonator is the third in the Klusterkitt family of drum designers/kit builders and focuses on discrete sound treatments for electronic kits—pultech filters, tape profiles, tube/valve amps, wah pedals, pitched analog synths, pitched digital synths—alongside custom hand percussion sourced from organic, metal, and plastic instruments—shakers, rattles, clackers, clappers, drums, ankle bells... and noise sources never seen or heard before—designed to maximize mayhem and offer practically endless combinations.

By the numbers:

  • 3,942 Stereo 48kHz/24-bit samples.
  • 372 Instruments.
  • 394 Custom-designed convolution impulse responses.
  • 7 Independently controllable drum kit slots.
  • 6 Round-robin layers for every articulation.
  • Separate LP/BP/HP filters with dedicated cutoff/resonance controls for each kit slot.
  • 54 Essential Factory Kits.

Price: $49 with 30% off intro pricing until April 30th, 2019.



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