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Raw Material updates JUCE (v1.2.1) & the Plugin Wrapper (v1.4)


Raw Material Software has updated the open source C++ class library JUCE to v1.2.1 and the Juce Audio Plugin Wrapper to v1.4.

Juce Audio Plugin Wrapper v1.4 changes:

  • Improvements to AudioUnits, which now work in lots of hosts, including Logic.
  • A couple of minor VST fixes to improve compatibility.
  • Demo plug-in updated: added a MIDI keyboard component that reflects incoming MIDI key events, and can be used to send MIDI events out.

JUCE v1.21 changes:

  • New class: MidiBuffer - an efficient array of MIDI messages for use in audio filters.
  • New class: MidiKeyboardComponent - a UI comp that shows a piano keyboard and has lots of groovy features
    additions to DragAndDropContainer to allow files to be dragged to external applications.
  • Fix to Array::move().
  • Added a couple of accessor methods to TreeViewItem.
  • Changed the colour selector component to make the alpha-channel optional.
  • Fixed a layout bug with some tooltips.
  • Fixes to the AIFF file format handler.
  • Efficiency improvements to the Timer class.
  • Add a Component::visibilityChanged() callback method.
  • Added file and line info to the internal exception handling code.
  • Linux window focus bugfix.


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