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Rayzoon releases Jamstix v1.4.2 (+Up to 33% OFF sale)

Rayzoon Technologies

Rayzoon Technologies has released version 1.4.2 of its virtual drummer VSTi Jamstix. They are also having a sale with all Rayzoon products now up to 33% off.


  • Sliders and checkboxes now display their current value when the mouse moves over them.
  • Added LED to the Jam Mode selector that blinks when Jam Start/Stop is active and Jamstix is waiting for the start trigger.
  • Added hihat auto-foot setting 'Off Beat'.
  • 'Clear All' function in the arranger now allows clearing of all rhythms and also allows fine-control of what gets cleared.
  • Jamstix now gracefully handles loading a VSTi with more outputs than Jamstix is set to.
  • Full support for DrumPak #2 close-stereo mode and close mic sample extraction.
  • Lock icon in the rhythm tab now loops the current pattern at the current bar on internal clock for easy editing even with the host stopped.
  • Modified auto-foot GUI to be easier to understand.
  • If a bar is muted after a fill the crash/kick on the downbeat (if specified) will not be muted anymore. This allows endings within an arrangement by using a fill with muted bars.
  • Added 'Reset' button to load rhythm screen when called by right-clicking on a rhythm in the arranger.
  • Improved MIDI import quantizing stage.


  • When importing multi-pattern MIDI files, rhythms are now all named after the MIDI file + the bar number.
  • Fixed manually selected tom accents still passing the probability filter.
  • Accents no longer reset the 'crash on next 1' flag from another accent in the same bar.
  • 32nd notes from accents now obey rhythm and bar muting.


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