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reFX updates Nexus2 to v2.4 and releases Free Halloween Expansion


reFX has updated Nexus2 to Version 2.4.0 and released a free Halloween Expansion.

This update brings many improvements, including:

  • Faster loading times for presets; most presets now load twice as fast. For users with a fast SSD drive, loading times are virtually instantaneous, even with large presets.
  • Four new oscillators have been added, bringing the total to eight. New expansions (such as the free Halloween expansion) and future expansions will make use of this addition.
    Note that in order to make room for these new oscillators, the Mix page has been changed slightly. Oscillators are now displayed in their own separate tab.
  • Support files now detect Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 correctly.
  • The Live section is back. From now on, the Live feature can be used to download updates to Nexus2.
  • MIDI-CC #7 and #11 (invisible but audible MIDI-CC) have been removed. This is intended to prevent users from unintentionally using these, and modifying output volume.
  • Various bug fixes (removed unintentional arp-glide that appeared in some sequences under certain circumstances; removed light reverb flutter that occurred under a few specific conditions, etc.).

Free Halloween Expansion for Nexus2

Bats, Cats, Mad scientists and even the Count himself make an appearance in this free mini-expansion for all Nexus2 customers. If you own a Nexus2 license, you can simply log into your account's purchase history, and download this expansion for free.



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