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Replika Sound has announced the launch of RSCI03 Muralis Rise & Ping with Audition Player for Kontakt.

Muralis Rise & Ping comprises two instruments - a Loop-based Riser Designer and a Ping / Signature Sound Designer.

Rise - Easily design unique risers by layering up to 4 samples from 88 sound sources. Because the sounds are loop-based you can have a riser for any length, at any tempo and from any pitch to any other. The pitch bend range has a max of +/- 24 semi-tones (making a full range of up to 48 semi-tones).

Ping - Choose up to 4 layers from 99 source sounds and 31 reverb impulse responses.

Both Rise and Ping use the same Audition Kontakt Engine and work in the same way. Each comes with 25 presets.

Each sample layer has its own controls for:

  • Tempo-synced Volume (Stutter) Gate (Rates from 1/16th to 4 beats - triplet options as well).
  • Tempo-synced LP Filter Gate.
  • Tempo-synced AutoPan.
  • ADSR Envelopes.
  • Volume, Pan, Stereo Width, Pitch, HP and LP Filters, Chorus, Tube Drive, Delay.
  • Long Evolving multi-LFO Sweep FX.

There are master tempo-synced volume and LP filter gates, filters, envelopes and effects like tempo-synced delay, distortion and convolution reverb.

Audition Player is a specially designed Kontakt Instrument that allows you to use your own samples. Audition loads them and spreads them out 1 sample per key. Simply select one of your samples with your MIDI keyboard and click a button on the GUI to have that sample spread out across 6 octaves. Layer 4 samples together.

Replika Sound says Audition is like a bridge between static sample packs and fluid playable virtual instruments.

All the features of the players are fully MIDI automatable. All instruments respond to MIDI CC11. They are designed for the full version of Kontakt 5.3 (or newer).

Price: £32. On sale for £10.00 (USD 12.50 / EUR 11) until 16th July, 2020.

Further information is available from the RSCI03 Muralis/Audition Page on the Replika Sound website together with a full feature guide, audio demos

...and Videos:

Muralis presets

Muralis Demo with Chamaeleon Pads and Voltus Bass

Loading Samples into Audition



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