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Resonant Vibes launches re:produce Sample Pack Series (re:produce 005 now available) [WAV|BAT|LIVE]

Resonant Vibes

Resonant Vibes has announced the recent launch of their new "re:produce" sample pack series, which they describe as "an exciting new concept featuring some of the leading lights in modern techno and designed with avid producers, performers, and audiophiles in mind".

Resonant Vibes says the objective of the new re:produce series is "to release light sample packs engineered by your favorite artists and made available for a sensible price". Each sample pack is roughly 100 MB and contains a variety of royalty-free 24-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV audio files, complete with ready-to-use practical bonuses such as Battery kits, other instrument patches, pre-mapped Ableton files, MIDI data files and more.

The current release in the series, re:produce 005, features Atlanta trio Absence of Essence, who have released tracks on Lobotomy, Audio Therapy, Proton Music, and many others. AOE's Alien Music radio program showcases the collective's wide spectrum of production and DJ styles; their digital addictions create a musical forum dedicated solely to the future-making them a perfect fit for this series.

re:produce 005 is filled with twisted sound effects, synths, vocals, and drum patterns. Most of the samples were recorded 126 BPM and were conceived as well as designed using Logic, Cubase, Native Instruments, in addition to "several other audio production treats."

Other releases in the series have included:

re:produce 004: Kazell: Kazell is a British DJ by birth but now calls Hollywood his home. He's released music on Bedrock, Perfecto, and Lost Language. He also consults for Native Instruments and has recently branched out into sound design by working alongside the legendary film composer Harry Gregson Williams on Disney's Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

re:produce 004 includes nine ARPs and sequences, seven bass line sequences, 24 drum and percussion hits (with a flexible Battery kit), 24 grooves, two synth risers, and four synth chords/pads. Also included are five Native instruments "Massive" presets-custom and exclusive patches that allow for flexible control. All sounds on re:produce 004 were recorded using Logic, with the samples sourced from both the analog and digital realm.

re:produce 003: TOWMF (The Ones With Many Faces): TOWMF is the artistic pairing of Patrick Campbell (Rift) and Damon Fonooni (Komposit/Habersham). The two "create modern dance music as a momentary creative release" and do sound design for film "and other visual art manifestations."

For their pack TOWMF created percussive sounds and other effects by using field records of shaking and grinding coffee beans, pouring rice, crushing cans, and crinkling bags. Also included are analog bass lines and chords created on mono and polyphonic synths. All sounds were polished off using high-end audio plug-ins-including Pultec and Helios EQs - to maximize warmth and clarity as well as enhancing spatial depth.

re:produce 002: Stryke: Stryke has been releasing house and techno tracks since the Nineties on labels such as Plastic City, Ovum, Hooj, and his own Three-O-Five Digital. He's remixed Depeche Mode, Pink, and Murk amongst a lengthy body of work. He's also a spokesperson for Avid's audio division. When he's not beta testing for Digidesign, he can be found DJ'ing around the world.

For his pack, Stryke recorded and rendered the samples using Pro Tools 8, with the synths and textures all recorded in C across five octaves, from low to high. For ease of use, he indicated the tempo of each loop in its file name. He used Digidesign's Hybrid and Vacuum, "as well as a few other rare goodies."

re:produce 001: Komposit: Komposit (Damon Fonooni, aka Habersham) delivered 124 MB of "killer techno and house sounds". re:produce 001 includes beat loops, staple synth sounds, and a basic Komposit One-Hit pack with Battery kit. The beat loops and drum samples range in tempo from 122 to 128 BPM and are perfect for modern house, techno, and electro production. The synth and noise sounds have warm undertones of dub techno and house along with tonal sounds fit for any genre of driving dance floor tunes.

Working under his Komposit alias, Damon has enjoyed worldwide releases on labels like EQ, Vellum, Auralism and his own Lobotomy Records.

Pricing & Availability

The price for each re:produce sample pack is just $10 (one of the main ideas behind this series is to provide top quality samples at a price that just about anyone can afford).

re:produce is available exclusively for download at the Resonant Vibes website. The packs work on Mac OS X or Windows and are for use as a standalone in all the major DAWs including Logic, Ableton, Reason, Cubase and Cakewalk. However, all are especially optimized for Ableton with built in .asd files included.

Resonant Vibes also offer downloads of dance music MP3s, waves, and other sample packs such as their Essential Series and SoundTheory. Their website also offers a network and blog to allow readers to keep up on the latest happenings in the industry.



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