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Reverb Foundry Appoints Sweetwater as Exclusive Global Retail Partner

Reverb Foundry

Reverb Foundry is announcing that Sweetwater has been appointed exclusive global retail partner for the company's reverb plugins.

The partnership is being celebrated by putting the new HD•CART plugin on sale from right now until the end of President's Day Weekend (2/19/18).

HD•CART, Reverb Foundry's first product released last November 2017, is an emulation of the iconic Lexicon 480L...but not a conventional one. This one emulates the 480L when loaded with a very rare expansion cartridge called HD/Surround developed and manufactured by Lexicon.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the hardware: the 480L has two stereo ins, two main stereo outs and two aux stereo outs. It has four processors (machines) inside that can run in a variety of configurations. The only configuration that used all four did so in a SPLIT configuration - each input was routed to one of the two stereo pairs, essentially turning the 480L into two separate processors, both mono in and stereo out - unless you had the aforementioned HD/Surround Cart.

What the HD/Surround algorithm and programs did was to combine all four processors into a single unit, harnessing all the power of the 480L - the only configurations to do so. The inputs were stereo, and the four outputs could then be used in either a "quadraphonic" front/back configuration...or, there was the innovative and unique HD mode, which stacked the four output channels to the main stereo outs - 1 and 3 to L, 2 and 4 to R - essentially layering the reverbs (including the earlies!!!), and unlocking the ability to do things with reverb unlike any other processor at the time...really lush, with a lot of motion and character.

Reverb Foundry's algorithmic plug-in HD•CART faithfully emulates the 480L in this configuration, and can also do different surround modes. A few new parameters and options not available on the hardware have been added to enhance the creative possibilities. HD•CART is simply unlike anything else currently available, and is a valuable and unique addition to any DAW.

HD•CART can be downloaded for 14 day free demo at Reverb Foundry's web site.



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