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Riot Audio releases "Bionic Plucks & Mallets - Transient Splicing Engine" for Kontakt with Intro Offer & Free Taster

Riot Audio

Riot Audio has announced the release of Bionic Plucks & Mallets, described as a unique new sound design tool for Kontakt 6, built around a novel "transient splicing engine" that is designed to give detailed control over a range of parameters needed to mix and match initial transients to a set of separate tails/longer sounds.

Bionic Engine

Bionic Plucks & Mallets is built on Riot Audio's proprietary Bionic Transient Splicing Engine which combines transients and tails from different samples to create novel hybrid sounds as well as faithful recreation of classics. The emphasis is on a synthetic/organic overlap, with unlimited potential for the invention of new sonic combinations.

Sound Sources

The sounds come in three categories – short, medium and long. The short sounds (20) are non-tonal and cover transients only, including a range of wool, wooden, rubber and finger taps and knocks.

The medium sound sources (40) are tonal and are drawn from plucked, fingered and mallet-hit acoustic, electric and bass guitars, alto and soprano glockenspiel, some sampled original analog synth plucks and a variety of unusual percussive sounds including a Japanese wind chime, metal kalimba, dampened piano, pitchfork and wine glass.

The long sound sources (20) are long sustained pads that can be used to add sustain to match the shorter sources. There is a selection of Ebow-ed strings (piano, guitars, violin), and several individually crafted classic synth-style sounds (bells, tines, organ, saw, sine, pulse).

Sound Applications

Bionic Plucks & Mallets is designed with a wide range of contemporary music production applications in mind, including electronica, hip hop and R&B, as well as cinematic styles including trailers and hybrid scores. The included presets cover smooth and dirty basses, gritty, reimagined Electric and Rhodes Pianos, celesta or glockenspiel-like bells and analog-style synth plucks, as well as a number of experimental, customised sounds.


Bionic Plucks And Mallets At A Glance:

  • Based on Riot Audio's new proprietary Bionic Transient Splicing engine.
  • Four layers of sound: two transient layers and two tail layers.
  • 80 sound sources (20 short, 40 medium and 20 long).
  • 12 million possible sonic combinations accessible through "randomise" function.
  • 50 presets included.
  • Extensive sound sculpting controls, including crossover fade (between transient and tail samples), crossover point, tail envelope and transient attack curve (shape).
  • Vibrato, Velocity Sensitivity (Volume, Low Pass and High Pass) and Humanize Controls for in-depth realism.
  • Total size of sampled content: 2.1 GB (1.56 GB compressed).
  • Replika Analog Style delay, Choral (chorus), Flair (flanger) and Supercharger GT (compressor) effects included.
  • Requires Native Instruments Kontakt 6.5.2 (Full Version).

Intro Price: £79 until April 14th 2021 (Reg. £99) at riotaudio.com

A free taster is available at riotaudio.com/.../bionic-plucks-and-mallets-lite





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