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RJ Studios updates True Mid/Side, MidSide Channel Extractor to v1.1.0 - "Power Mono" mode and other features

Raising Jake Studios

RJ Studios has updated True Mid/Side, Mid<>Side Channel Extractor to version 1.1.0 with new features including:

  • Choice of two separation algorithms with a new, more aggressive "Power" option.
  • Finer control resolution of 0.1% (using Ctrl key).
  • Multiple output pins for DAWs and helper apps that can support FX plugins with multiple outputs.
  • "Power Mono" output mode.

Here's what they say:

Traditional "Mid/Side" processing is often a misnomer for what is technically "sum and difference" processing. In this traditional approach the "Mid" output is simply the mono sum of left and right (M=L+R) while the "side" output is the mono difference of left and right (S=L-R). Any signals panned hard left or hard right - which are actually pure "side" signals - will appear in both the Mid and Side outputs. Meanwhile, the "Side" output is a mono mix containing both the left and right sides. This is not how we hear stereo and is not "true" Mid/Side.

"True Mid/Side" actually separates the phantom center (what we hear in the middle of a stereo mix) from the stereo side signals. The stereo Side signals are separated to their respective Left and Right sides. All three resultant signals (Left-Center-Right) can be exported and controlled independently. Signals panned to the center of the stereo mix (the "Phantom Center") emerge ONLY in the Middle/Center output while signals hard-panned Left/Right in the stereo mix emerge ONLY in the Side outputs (and on the same side they appear in the stereo mix).

Version 1.1.0 now offers a choice of two different separation algorithms including the original "Linear" mode and the new default "Power" mode which produces even greater separation and detail in the side channels.

Version 1.1.0 features 3 pairs of stereo output channels including the Main Stereo Outs, Mid only and Side only outputs. This allows True Mid/Side v1.1.0 to produce simultaneous Mid and Side outputs in DAWs and helper apps that can support multiple I/O pins.

True Mid/Side's new "Power Mono" output mode produces a mono mix using true power summing of left and right channels (vs. typical simple add of left and right) which captures more of the ambience and balance that we hear in stereo for a fuller, more accurate mono mix.

True Mid/Side is a 64-bit plugin in VST, VST3 and AAX formats for Windows PC and VST, VST3, AAX and AU formats for Mac OS 10.11+ on Intel and Apple Silicon.

Price: $39.95. Free 14-day trial demos are available for download at RJ Studio's website. Current owners of True Mid/Side can download the update for free from the RJ Studios website or their Fastspring customer account.



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