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RML Labs releases SAWStudio v4.0b (SAWStudioBasic v1.5b)

RML Labs

RML Labs has released SAWStudio / SAWStudioLite v4.0b and SAWStudioBasic v1.5b.


  • Modified the SoundFile View recording engine to now allow the same low latency live monitoring of input signals as the 4.0 MT engine whenever either of the Tape-Style monitoring options are selected.
  • The SoundFile View Lock zone will now also lock the SF Out Device and keep it from changing when transferring regions from the MultiTrack or Regions view.
  • The code has been enhanced for handling display screen resolutions of multiple monitor configurations. The code now attempts to determine the full virtual screen resolution across all monitors. This will not work on all systems or video card drivers, so the reported resolution can now be overridden and new values can be manually entered and saved with the preferences. The Max Screen Resolution Override option on the Options menu allows you to set a new max screen resolution which will control the limits of all window positions. The main window size no longer sets the limits.
  • Many more initial popup windows and small dialogs will now follow the Dual Monitor Configuration setting in the options menu to keep from spanning across the monitor boundary between dual monitors.


  • Fixed code to stop a crash that could occur when using a marked area auto-punch record operation with the Region Memory Caching option activated.
  • Fixed code for SoundFile View recording while Tape-Style Monitoring is selected.
  • (Basic only) Fixed code that could cause MT-Entries to misbehave during Select Mode move operations, resulting in disappearing entries or entry positions being offset incorrectly.
  • Fixed error trapping code for Selected entry track conflicts of moves and copies in the MultiTrack.
  • Fixed disappearing automation moves and copies in all directions.
  • Changed code to clear buffers when switching from a blank layer during playback to make for a smoother transition to the new layer.
  • Modified code to help with allowing the taskbar to popup on top of SAWStudio on certain Windows installations that may have trouble doing so.


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