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RML Labs updates SAWStudio (v4.1), SAWStudioLite (v4.1) and SAWStudioBasic (v1.6)

RML Labs

RML Labs has released SAWStudio v4.1, SAWStudioLite v4.1 and SAWStudioBasic v1.6 updates.


  • The Solo Bus Device option has been enhanced to automatically internally assign and keep properly updated even if no active track assignment is setup, whenever one of the Solo Bus options has been activated. It will properly output whatever data is assigned to it or blank buffers if no data is assigned to it and swap to the solo data when a solo is activated. You will no longer be flagged with an assignment error message if no active track assignment has been setup.
  • Enhanced the Record Mode keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Spacebar to force a stop condition from any REC, SRP, or REC/RDY mode, thereby stopping the engine immediately.
  • Enhanced the Midi Controller API functions to handle the Frontier AlphaTrack special functions. The AlphaTrack Midi Template is included in this update.
  • Modified the Trigger Sync record behavior to always trigger an SRP operation, allowing for a manual punch-in operation, or an auto-punch-in operation based on a marked area, or an instant auto-punch-in based on the auto SRP/REC option setting.
  • Modified the record behavior when stopped to snap the cursor position back to the newly recorded region end position. This will happen only when record mode is active at the time of the stop command. If you have punched out during an SRP record operation prior to executing the stop command, the cursor will stay at the current stop position. If using the Midi WorkShop add-on, this feature requires version 1.7 or higher to function correctly.
  • Sample Edit Mode in the SoundFile View has been modified to switch samples at the mid-point between samples instead of the start of each sample. This makes Sample Edit control much easier when modifying sample values.
  • Replaced repeating audio device missing and changed warnings with a single warning message if current devices no longer match your preferences.
  • A new option has been added to the Mixer Menu called Mixer Chan Record-Tap Routed Before Eq / Dyn. This option allows you to force the Mixer Chan Record tapoff point in front of the Eq/Dyn section without re-routing the Pre-Patch point. The normal default behavior when recording from a Mixer Chan source is to tap the record signal after the Pre-Fx-Patch point, which is normally after the Eq/Dyn section. You can re-route the Pre-Fx-Patch point before the Eq/Dyn section and the record tap will follow along, however, so will the Pre-Aux Send point. When using the virtual console as a PA mixer, this would force all Pre-Aux monitor sends to remain flat without the benefit of any Eq or Dynamics. Many times this is not the desired method of sending monitor mixes to stage performers, so this new option allows you to break the link between the record tap point and the Pre-Fx-Patch point, allowing you to record flat signals while still processing front of house and monitor mix signals.
  • The record meter displays will now actively chase MultiTrack tracks and keep the hottrack meter (if active) visible within the Record Meter window. If mixer navigation links to the MT are active, the record meter displays will also chase mixer hotchan changes. Right-Clicking the Record Meter window Close zone will toggle a lock option to freeze the meter displays from chasing. You are still free to scroll the meters within the window with the wheel mouse or arrow keys.
  • The manual adjustment resolution of Vari-Speed has been increased to .0001%.
  • The Default EDL Undo Path option in the File Path Setup in the Options Menu has been enhanced. You may now enter a sub-folder of the EDL project folder by starting the folder name with a backslash character. For example, entering \Undo will force all undo files for each session to be saved in a sub-folder named Undo under the session folder. This helps keep the session folder better organized and easier to maintain. If you decide to use this feature, you must manually create the same folder under existing session folders and copy all existing undo files for current sessions into this folder in order for them to be automatically available. New sessions will automatically create this folder when the first undo file is created.
  • A new item has been added to the File / Mix Template menu called Open Without Labels. This option opens a mix template without disturbing labels in the current session.
  • Added code to trap and adjust for invalid softedge entries as entry boundaries are altered, moved and copied, and as new entries are inserted. Invalid softedges will now be corrected on the fly as editing operations create them.
  • Enhanced MT Entry deletion to now include automation enclosed by entry softedges.

[Not Included in SAWStudioBasic update]:

  • A new option has been added to the Options Menu called TCP/IP Host-Remote Receive HotTrack Link. This option toggles the reception of the hottrack link between the Host and Remote machines. If the option is active on the host, the host chases any hottrack changing happening on the remote machines. If the option is active on a remote, the remote chases any hottrack changing happening on the host machine. This can be useful for a visual reference of changes being made from the connected machines. If you are using the console as a PA mixer and are controlling from the host and remote machines at the same time, you may find it nice to leave this option off so that the individual machines are not jumping around from actions taken on the connected machines.
  • The Copy Automation To Layer function has been enhanced to respond to selected MT Tracks and also to copy all track automation if there is no marked area. You may also use the Ctrl-Key when activating the function to do all tracks without having to select them.

Video Track Viewer v3.0 [Not Included in SAWStudioBasic update]:

  • Added compatibility for some HD mp4 formats, and extended compatibility for more mpeg and quicktime formats. Many DVD .vob files can now also be opened and converted directly inside the viewer, depending on the actual compression format used to create them. Some HD formats may require the installation of the ffdshow codecs available on the web.
  • Two new menu options have been added to the Zoom Options menu to help display HD files; 1/2 Actual Size and 1/4 Actual Size.
  • Two new menu options have been added to the Overlay Render Size Options menu to help display HD files; 1/2 Actual Size and 1/4 Actual Size.

Studio Fx Eq v2.4 and Studio Fx Echo v2.4:

  • Changes added to correct possible display corruption on dual processors.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Priority Class overrides to work properly when loading new preference files from the File menu.
  • Fixed the Sweep To Vari-Speed and Vari-Pitch Destination option to trap for very small destination changes and also added a much higher degree of accuracy across the marked area.
  • Fixed Undo History Window positioning to trap for F-Key views that could cause the window to be positioned off-screen when first opened.
  • Adjusted FX Buff Chng message window to a larger size to accommodate plugins with longer names.
  • Trapped F-Key View changes while actively grabbing Mixer Controls.
  • Fixed the Alt-I, R and O jumps to work correctly when tracks are re-ordered.
  • Shift-Right-Dragging operations in the MT now lock the cursor into the MT wave display area and eliminate possible crashes which could occur under certain circumstances when moving the mouse outside the MT boundaries.
  • Toggling Automation Mode On/Off when Offset Mode is active will now cleanly cancel Offset Mode and any offset changes in progress.
  • Fixed code to allow regions to be moved to the last tracks even when Return and Output tracks have been re-ordered to the top of the MT.
  • Adjusted code to fix display corruption above the MT ruler when scrolling the MT up or down.
  • Fixed code to reset an active marked area started during playback with the B-Key that never received the E-Key command to end the mark when playback is stopped.

[Not Included in SAWStudioBasic update]:

  • Fixed code to correctly display Dynamics GR meters on TCP/IP connected remote machines.
  • Fixed code to correctly display Aux Master meters on TCP/IP connected remote machines.
  • Adjusting the compressor threshold, when the program is set to Remote Mode will no longer crash the system.
  • Fixed Exploded Mixer View code to clear meter when playback is stopped even when Zoom Mixer view is sized very short.
  • Fixed the Slip Track command for All Layers to properly handle Control Track entry positions.


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