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rncbc.org announces Qtractor v0.9.11 for Linux


rncbc.org has announced the release of Qtractor version 0.9.11 Mauerfall'30 for Linux.


  • Transport/Backward commands now honoring edit-tail, loop-end and punch-out points, when playback is not rolling.
  • A session name (sub-)directory is now suggested on every new session properties dialog.
  • Avoid adding any extraneous clip replica when Ctrl+dragging on either of its edges.
  • When using autotools and ./configure --with-qt=..., it is also necessary to adjust the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable (after a merge request by plcl aka. Pedro L√≥pez-Cabanillas, while on qmidinet, thanks).
  • Fixing a potential crash-effect in switching MIDI output buses on tracks that are set to show audio output monitoring meters, is on going still.

Qtractor is an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt framework. Target platform is Linux, where the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) for audio and the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) for MIDI are the main infrastructures to evolve as a fairly-featured Linux desktop audio workstation GUI, specially dedicated to the personal home-studio.

Qtractor is free, open-source Linux Audio software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.

See also: Qtractor 0.9.11 - The Mauerfall'30 Release.



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