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Rob Papen updates Predator to v1.5 and Blue to v1.8

Rob Papen

Rob Papen has released updates for Predator (v1.5) and Blue (v1.8). Both products now use Syncrosoft's "Soft-eLicenser" copy protection. This means that you'll need internet connection during installation. If you own a Syncrosoft dongle it is also possible to transfer the license to your dongle. The upgrades are free.

Changes in Predator v1.5:

  • Preset / Bank Manager:
    • Manager Screen added, accessible via manager button or file menu. This shows all the presets and banks at once.
    • From the preset screen, you can Load, Save, Copy, Paste, Swap, Move (by drag and dropping), Insert, Revert to Original, Revert to Edited, Default, Delete & Rename presets (including Undo).
    • For the bank screen, you can Load, Save, Copy, Create New, Delete & Rename banks, also it creates backup of files when you load / save etc (as .~fx files).
    • Also there is a find function, which shows all the preset in all the banks with the find string in their preset name. This is particularly useful.
  • Arp Screen updated:
    • Arp key entry, allows you to enter arp pitch directly via MIDI notes.
    • Tie mode, extended with Toggle 1 & Toggle 2 modes (Toggle 1 plays in special mode then normal mode, Toggle 2 plays in normal mode then special mode).
    • Current arp step is now shown in orange.
    • You can select multiple arp steps using alt + left mouse.
    • Right Click Arp menu, which allows you to copy, paste, move, reverse, randomize and turn on / off selections (or everything).
  • Increased Default Menu:
    • This allows you to set min / max / mid, random and slight increase / decrease for controls.
    • Direct numerical input for controls.
    • Direct numerical input for MIDI latching.
  • FX: 3 New FX added:
    • Cabinet simulator types Fender, Marshall, Off Axis.
    • Multi-distort, 11 multi-distort types with filtering + normalization, these are Atan, Cos, Cross, Foldover, Fuzz, Limiter, Overdrive, Power, Rectifier, Saturator, Square.
    • Auto-Wah Filter.
    • FX also now turn themselves off if there is no input / output for a couple of seconds so reducing CPU usage when Predator is not being used.
  • Modulation:
    • Number of free modulation slots are increased from 4 to 8, and by clicking on the modulation labels for envelopes / LFO & free mods you can know bypass modulators.
    • Modulators sources are increased to add pink / white noise and also we have internal oscillator, so you can use input, osc 1 to 3, total osc mix and filter output as oscillators.
  • Chord Mode:
    • Chord works in mono & legato modes now.
    • Strum timing is added for play back, so you can create strummed chords . The timing of these strums can be set in ms or synced to the host's tempo.
  • Over-Sampling: Added 32x oversampling level.
  • Vowel Filter added; distortion knob used to control vowel.
  • Vocoder Sample Limit: Vocoder sample can be up to 200MB now, due to dynamic allocation.
  • Preset Loading: Reduced the time for preset Loading.
  • Plus lots of other small changes, bug fixes and lots of new presets from Rob.

Changes in Blue v1.8:

  • Fast browser, opens if you use the right mouse button on the preset button.
  • Quick manual.
  • Added soft limiter bypass button.
  • FX Bypass to save CPU when no sound is being produced.
  • Fixes to DC offset.
  • Fixed to MIDI hold.
  • Fixed Free LFO 4.
  • Fixed initial bar arp starting problem.
  • Fixed preset name problem in Reaper.
  • Plus lots of other small fixes& new presets from Rob.


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