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Rocktave releases Music Workshop v2.0.4 (formerly Delta SP)


Rocktave has released Music Workshop v2.0.4, a new version of the application formerly known as Delta SP.


  • More presets and examples.
  • New smooth detune oscillator waves.
  • New six-point Soundfont sample interpolation.
  • New clip composer - complex melody and groove creator for any track.
  • More compatible Soundfont modulation LFO and envelopes.
  • Upgraded sequencer and piano roll.
  • Improved clip dragging - leaves clips starting before the loop out of the drag.
  • Better interpolation for audio export.
  • Soundfont editor improved.
  • Improved arpeggios in MIDI plugins.
  • Lighter interface.
  • Improved Plugin Builder preset handling.
  • More plugin builder examples.
  • Global Soundfont interpolation method selector.
  • New 3MB GM Soundfont.
  • KeyAdd parameters for all SoundFont synths.
  • Improved shortcut keys - space bar stops and starts play, CTRL-R for record etc.
  • Easier add/edit program change command in events list.
  • Edit single events like RPN, NRPN, CC in events list.
  • Piano roll key highlight for mouse movement.
  • Piano roll note drag and copy drag.
  • Piano roll specific area selection. Select and drag any grouping of notes.
  • Piano roll key record. Enter notes into piano roll with MIDI keyboard or PC keyboard.
  • New MIDI-in AUTO mode. Maps MIDI Keyboard to current context. i.e. Plugin, SoundFont editor, Track etc.
  • Highlighted active plugin in synth.
  • PC Typing keyboard support added to sequencer tracks and clip editor.
  • "Snap to" adjustment added for adjusting audio and MIDI clip durations and start offset.
  • More advanced copy and paste for piano roll. Copy and paste multiple tracks or single clip directly into piano roll.
  • Faster auto-scrolling for dragging things past the sequencer window edges.
  • Improved long delay or echo handling for universal fx and other gfx synth plugins.
  • Uniform TPQN values for all plugins with tick based delay and step lengths. Not dependent on sequencer TPQN.
  • Audition wave and mp3 files in file open window.
  • Recent folders and favourite folders in file open.
  • New sequencer MIDI Delay function.
  • Automatic labeling of track to MIDI Plugin channel program name.
  • MIDI Plugin editor always opens to corresponding channel editor when plugin editor is opened from track.
  • Improved hint windows in sequencer and plugins.

All of Rocktave's VST Plugins have also been upgraded, with the following changes:

  • Some new oscillator types for instruments that use the multi-oscillator.
  • Better delay effect for long delay times for instruments that use the delay effect.
  • Various other minor changes.


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