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Roger Linn has posted this statement on their AdrenaLinn Sync webpage:

"Note: As of April 22, I (Roger) am no longer selling AdrenaLinn Sync. Why? First, I've been waiting three years for our development partner Way Out Ware to deliver a working 64-bit AU version that can be installed in Mac OS Yosemite. Second, our copy protection provider Nalpeiron has informed us that as of this year, they are more than tripling their annual fee to $5000 (not including per-license fees), which is much more than we earn from sales of AdrenaLinn Sync. So I give up. If you own a license for AdrenaLinn Sync, your existing installations will continue to work fine but I'm sorry to report that after May 10, 2016, you won't be able to install AdrenaLinn Sync on a new computer. It's a shame because I think AdrenaLinn Sync is a very inspiring musical processor."



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