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Sagan Technology updates Metro, Metro LX and Metro SE to v7.3.3

Sagan Technology

Sagan Technology has updated Metro, Metro LX and Metro SE to v7.3.3.

New to this version:

  • All demo versions allow saving to a single file named 'MetroDemoDoc'.
  • Rhythm Explorer Lead Generator for creating guitar style leads and melodies. And preference dialog tabs. 4 years in development. Here is the newest audio example
  • Lead Generator add preset dialog.
  • Rhythm Explorer note insert range now stored for each track.
  • Rhythm Explorer preferences saved with Metro document.
  • Plug-in option: Close edit window before plug-in.
  • Plug-in option: Defer set chunk.This defers restoring the plug-in data until after its editor is opened.
  • Plug-in option: Edit window must be opened, set by default.
  • Plug-in option: outputs always connected.
  • Plug-in option: Hide.
  • Plug-in popup adds submenu for 'Recently Discovered' plug-ins.
  • Plug-in popup adds submenu for 'Most Instantiated' plug-ins.
  • If there are more than one plug-in instantiated, the popup menus adds submenu for editing and clearing each individual plug-in.
  • Markers can be shifted by bar, beat and clock now as well as SMPTE bits.
  • Right clicking on a pattern in the Rhythm Explorer after generation allows access to information about that pattern.
  • Ability to show only used automation parameters in the automation popup of the graphic editor.
  • Rhythm Explorer lead generator options in the marker dialog: lead scale, sync to track, density and motif.
  • A next button has been added to the marker dialog.
  • Increased the maximum number of chords and scales to 64.
  • Mixer channel automation reflected in real time.
  • Audio normalize dialog allows normalizing of channels independently.
  • Added a duration popup, indicated by a triangle, to the note event dialog.
  • With the command key pressed (control on PC), solo or mute affects all selected tracks.
  • Option in transpose dialog to confine transposed notes to marker chord or lead generator scales.
  • Enhanced file type support in the jukebox.
  • Option to synthesize vibrato by using a user specified controller data and converting it to pitch bend.
  • Copy does not affect undo/redo.
  • A secondary view type of a track is remembered. When a second instance of a track appears in the graphic editor the secondary view type will be the default.
  • Subsections can now have a bar offset. This means you can set up a subsection to start at any measure in the parent section.
  • Option to layer first stereo output from the instantiated effects window.
  • New PPQs of 864 and 1728, which are divisible by 9.
  • When the Rhythm Explorer is active, keys 0-8 select the Rhythm Explorer pattern.
  • Rhythm Explorer jam mode causes the pattern to automatically advance to the next pattern and when it reaches the last pattern it will automatically regenerate new patterns.
  • Rhythm Explorer's 'use last' button renamed to 'Regenerate'.
  • Rhythm Explorer adds a 'previous 8' button which allows the previous 8 patterns to be recalculated using the same random seeds that were used when they were originally calculated.
  • The 'j' key toggles Rhythm Explorer jam mode.
  • For popup menus with a large amount of items, the page number is shown in the menu.
  • Save incrementing the file name has been changed such that there is a single menu item for this in the file menu. The previous item in the switches menu has been removed.
  • Much improved navigation in the list editor using the arrow and tab keys.
  • Much improved support for bank changes.
  • Much improved support for program name lists that start at 1 (e.g. Yamaha).
  • The looping dialog box now has a check box to allow insertion/deletion of time when the number of loops is changed.
  • The revolution arpeggiator now sports accompaniment mode whereby all arpeggiators change at the same time.
  • Dragging MIDI data from the graphic editor to the revolution arpeggiator is now supported.
  • The plug-in window now has an option to 'not record-enable' depending on the type of the plug-in. This is useful if you do not want record enable to be changed when instantiating, for example, a drum type plugin.

Fixed in this version:

  • Inserting pitch bend using the pitch bend dialog would sometimes fail and other times could be very coarse.
  • Catches access violations in plug-ins on close. Previously Metro would crash. Windows only.
  • When in chord entry mode, the graphic editor was not always positioned correctly.
  • Better plug-in compatibility.
  • Plugged some memory leaks.
  • Selecting cue1 - cue4 would position the graphic editor in editing mode.
  • Was not updating plug-in version numbers properly in some cases.
  • Was sometimes stopping prematurely in Rhythm Explorer record mode.
  • Possible crash dragging section in sections window.
  • Opening old Metro documents containing notation data in 64-bit environment could have been problematic.
  • Jukebox controls could disappear in some instances.
  • Pasting into text fields was not always working.
  • Master volume was not erasing properly in some cases.
  • Pressing a key on a MIDI keyboard controller would not always set the pitch of the selected note in the list editor.
  • It was possible the audio files could be loaded even though they had the incorrect number of sample bits.
  • Sections window was not updating times properly.
  • Was not inserting time when pasting multiple tracks using ripple edit.
  • Better Bluetooth audio support.
  • Better Mac OS X 12.12 support.
  • Bypassing plug-ins on the master channel was sometimes problematic.
  • Cancelling from the qualify dialog could have caused a crash.
  • Adding a new mixer channel now observes the current view visibility.
  • The menu item 'insert on new track' in the plug-ins window was incorrectly placing the selected plug on a mixer channel.
  • Setting the loop button in the graphic editor or tracks window now causes the playback position to jump immediately to the correct position.
  • Changing a file from the links dialog from AIF to CAF or visa versa could have caused problems.
  • Paste And's transpose option was broken.
  • Rhythm Explorer was not working properly when initiated from the tracks window.
  • Aux pop up in mixer window was not always popping up.
  • Improved support for SysEx in an external MIDI stream.
  • Was not drawing tracks window correctly while recording.
  • Miscellaneous other fixes.


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