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Seaweed Audio

Seaweed Audio updates Fathom Synth to v2.7 with “Brazil” Preset Pack

Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom Synth. Version 2.7 includes the new "Brazil" Preset Pack by Scrubbing Monkeys. The pack includes 25 all new presets and 10 original wave morphing tables. This release also includes extensive CPU performance improvements for dial movement and graph editing during playback.

Changes in v2.7.0:

  • CPU Performance changes for dial movement and graph editing.
  • Enabled parallel code generation on Pro builds. This enables a single instance of Fathom to use multiple cores. This will have a noticeable impact on polyphony and performance.
  • Enabled Enhanced Instruction Set SIMD on Pro builds. This will improve dial movement since many of the oscillator sample buffer calculation routines are vectorized. This will not impact play back performance since the sample block processing code has not yet been vectorized.
  • All large dials which are modulated per sample now have a built in smoothing function which is turned on when the dial is moved and disabled after the mouse is lifted.
  • Increased the CPU efficiency of code in many locations which handles dial movement. This also reduces dial popping by reducing the amount of time required to process each dial message especially during a mouse drag or mouse wheel.
  • Increased efficiency of all code which handles the wave table partials dial for both modulated and unmodulated wave table parameters.
  • Eliminated duplicate partial buffer calculations if the mouse leaves the dial and the same value would be used repeatedly for the calculations.
  • Extra mouse drag messages are discarded if the processor is being overloaded.
  • Added smooth volume management for preset save as well as preset load.
  • Tuned the CPU bar code to more efficiently handle small sample block sizes from FL Studio.
  • Eliminated graphical dial jitter on the wave draw partials dial and all FM dials for mouse wheel throw.
  • Fixed wave table oscillator so the partials are managed correctly in real time under the Nyquist limit regardless of note frequency changes.
  • Change the master Pitch Bend dial range from a half step to a whole step.
  • Change the master Pitch Bend dial so that if it is modulated then the modulated value replaces the hardware pitch wheel signal rather than being added to it. If the dial is not modulated than the position of the dial is added to the hardware pitch wheel signal. To disable the hardware pitch wheel modulate the dial with a zero modulation amount.
  • Added the analog saw voltage ripple to list of algorithms available in the frequency pulse oscillator.
  • Fixed Bug 0079 Reverb stops processing suddenly after three seconds.
  • Fixed Bug 0080 Massberg low pass filter high CPU.
  • Fixed Bug 0081 CPU bar and note graph not updated with FL Studio.
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